It’s the only technology company in the market who provides a complete set of codecs together with its corresponding patent license for distribution

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Fluendo ends 2017 with a turnover of 2.7M

Fluendo ends 2017 with a turnover of 2.7M

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Jan. 16, 2018

The Spanish technology company, Fluendo, leader in multimedia products and video analysis solutions, had a turnover of 2.7 million Euro in 2017, an increase of a 3.8% compared to 2016. The gross profit registered by the company was of 822.881 Euros, after increasing its team by a 67%.

Its growth is the result of the diversification of the company’s business lines: sales generated by audio and video codecs, field in which Fluendo is one of the leading players worldwide, as well as its video analysis solutions, with the launch of RiftAnalyst, which is the only of its kind in the eSports industry.

This incursion on the eSports market allowed Fluendo to establish itself as a well-known software company, and sign partnerships with teams such as KIYF or organizations such as the Spanish Videogame Association (AEVI). Fluendo’s growth is also the result of the launch of a new and powerful LongoMatch update, which, as of today, offers the best quality/price relation in its kind.

In 2017 Fluendo worked with Seraphic, the leader of digital TV browser solutions to showcase fully compliant HbbTV 2.0.1 and Freeview Play solution, in favor of the growth of the hybrid digital television (HbbTV) market, as part of its expansion into the digital TV sector.

From its creation in 2004, Fluendo has been incorporating audio and video codecs required by the new multimedia standards (H.264, H.265, AAC, AC3, etc.) and is the only company in the market capable of providing a complete set of codecs along with its corresponding patent licenses for distribution.

Today, Fluendo has 25 employees, ten more than in 2016. Among their main customers we can find global companies like HP, Dell, Ericcson, IBM, IGEL and Unicon Software.

Mercè Delgado, Fluendo’s CEO, says “It’s a huge satisfaction to see how Fluendo’s efforts in 2017 have been reflected on the financial results of the end of the year. Launching RiftAnalyst to the market, increasing the team from 15 to 25 people and getting into the digital television industry has represented a difficult challenge but it’s gratifying to wrap up the year by celebrating these achievements. This only motivates us to face 2018 with twice the energy”.

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