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Future of Multimedia

At Fluendo Lab, we’re advancing technologies for digital experiences. We work on video processing, interactive content creation, and audio enhancement. Our research covers AI-based computer vision, next-generation codecs, and multimedia frameworks for edge devices. We dialogue with stakeholders and aim to transform how people enjoy, communicate, and work with digital content. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of digital media experiences.

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The heart of the Lab's work is to create innovative multimedia technologies that allow for more seamless communication, collaboration, and enjoyment.

At Fluendo Lab, we value open dialogue and collaboration with our team and beyond. We welcome insights and ideas from our stakeholders, such as users, customers, and the tech community. They help shape the future of multimedia technology with their experiences, needs, and ideas. They guide our research and ensure our solutions are user-focused and effective. Our research focuses on these key areas:

OUR projects

Empowering Ideas, Igniting Innovation


Lynx is building a codec with technologies like LCEVC, screen content coding tools, and AI-based content-aware encoding for great performance at lower costs. Lynx is also making power-efficient codecs that reduce CO2 emissions from video processing.


We aim to drastically improve speed performance for VOD transcoding parallelizing with one GPU (multiple cores) and/or several GPUs together.

Sports AI SDK
Sports AI SDK

We have developed a multi platform AI inference SDK. It supports C++, C#, and Python and works with embedded boards. It supports GPU-accelerated AI pipeline execution. Its APIs enable detection, segmentation, and much more.

Fluendo lab

Our Toolset

  1. AI SDK

    In-house developed multi platform SDK to speed up our research to find new solutions for common problems.


    We've distilled our expertise in multimedia technologies into a tool, designed to substantially expedite the process of new developments.


    Our adeptness at hardware acceleration opens up possibilities for tackling novel use cases.


    Merging off-the-shelf and custom models we are able to reduce our time to market while keeping state-of-the-art performance.


    All those tools are thought as optional parts in a bigger architecture so we can create an optimal toolset for each problem.


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