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Why GStreamer?


Dealing with multimedia is a challenging task. Therefore, selecting the proper framework to process audio and video streams is key to ensuring a successful project. Developers facing this challenge should consider the following factors before making their choice for the proper multimedia framework:

  • Coding complexity (architecture)
  • Cross-platform support
  • Multimedia technologies coverage (codecs, filters, etc.)
  • Documentation and support available

GStreamer excels in the criteria mentioned above: its intelligent plugin architecture and a comprehensive core library make your application development easy, and it provides well-tested elements for many of your needs.


Fluendo and GStreamer: together for your business

What is GStreamer?

GStreamer is an open-source multimedia framework mainly used to create media applications (streaming, media playback, non-linear editing, etc.). The GStreamer framework is designed to make writing applications that handle audio or video easy. It uses plugins that will provide various codecs and other functionalities.

It works on all major operating systems (i.e., Linux, Android, Windows, Max OS X, iOS) and runs on all major hardware architectures, including x86, ARM, MIPS, and SPARC. It counts with an extensive list of multimedia plugins (encoders, decoders, content filters, etc..) and allows easy integration of 3rd party ones. Lastly, GStreamer counts with wide and well-structured documentation available for developers and a big community whose contributions ensure a continuous improvement of this framework.

Multiplatform framework

GStreamer can run the same code for Windows, Linux, OSx, Android, or iOS.