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Integrating Automated Testing in Multimedia

Integrating Automated Testing in Multimedia

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Rubén Sánchez

June 27, 2024

Embarking on automated testing in the multimedia sector has been both an innovative and exciting challenge for our Consulting Services department. As test automation becomes crucial in the software development lifecycle, Fluendo has successfully integrated standard tools and technologies into a custom application for a potential client in the security industry. 
This project has allowed us to expand our development capacity and obtain results that have exceeded our initial expectations, offering high quality in the continuous integration process and generating complete and easy-to-consult reports.

Performing tests on various system components 

Automated testing allows us to check various system components to ensure they work perfectly. Our focus primarily revolves around the multimedia backend or embedded system within the multimedia landscape. This encompasses a comprehensive suite of functionalities:

  • Embedded Backend Communication: We validate the core functionality of our multimedia backend by navigating communication protocols like HTTP REST API and JSON Linker API.

  • Integration with GStreamer: GStreamer forms the backbone of our multimedia backend, facilitating media processing tasks. While not directly tested, our automated tests indirectly validate its integrity through comprehensive checks on pipelines and codecs. Moreover, the logging mechanisms within our application provide crucial insights into GStreamer's behavior and interactions.

  • Assessment of Other Functionalities: Our testing framework extends beyond the multimedia backend to encompass GUI applications and GPU performance assessments. Through local file interactions and rigorous evaluations across varied hardware configurations, we ensure the robustness and scalability of our multimedia solutions.

Two-Way Communication Between the Test Framework and the Tested Application

Facilitating smooth communication between test frameworks and applications is paramount in our consulting efforts. REST APIs furnish a standardized conduit for this interaction, facilitating two-way exchanges. With its versatile libraries, Python emerges as a stalwart for orchestrating this communication, ensuring that tests encapsulate user-facing interfaces and underlying functionalities.

Configuration and Management of Test Data Sets and Generating Detailed Reports

Configuring and managing test data sets lies at the crux of our testing paradigm. Employing Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) methodologies, we craft scenarios that epitomize real-world usage. Behave aids in translating these scenarios into executable tests, while tools like Allure provide comprehensive post-test HTML reports, offering insights into test outcomes like snapshots, console output, performance metrics (CPU and GPU), and system behaviors.
  • Enables easy-to-use tabular, keyword-driven syntax for creating test cases
  • Provides easy-to-read detailed reports on the test results, making it easier to identify and address issues in the software
  • BDD can integrate with a variety of tools and frameworks, allowing them to adapt to different technologies and development environments
  • Provides a simple library API for creating customized test libraries
  • Provides tagging to categorize and select test cases to be executed (@test_suite, @smoke…)

Integration with CI/CD Tools and Regression Testing Automation

Our philosophy is fully integrating automated testing into the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes. Leveraging GitHub Actions, we orchestrate test execution, ensuring that every code iteration undergoes rigorous validation. Regression testing automation further fortifies our approach, safeguarding against unintentional regressions and maintaining software stability across development cycles.

Our comprehensive testing frameworks, integration with industry-standard tools, and dedication to quality have set a new benchmark in the security industry. Are you searching for automated testing solutions tailored for multimedia applications, even if you're not an expert? Fluendo has the expertise you need. Contact us here to unlock the full potential of automated testing for multimedia.

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