About Fluendo

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Fluendo’s mission is to provide legal multimedia products and the best video analysis software solutions based in the GStreamer framework.

Our Vision

Fluendo aims to be a leading digital media developer and become a referent in the Video Analysis Software market.

We are GStreamer pioneers

Founded in late 2004 in Barcelona, Fluendo was created with the objective of providing a legal solution for multimedia playback by means of an open and cross-platform framework called GStreamer.

For more than 10 years, Fluendo has been at the forefront building legal multimedia products developed under this versatile framework and actively contributing to the GStreamer community growth.

GStreamer is a development framework to create applications like media players, video editors, streaming media broadcasters, etc. as well as other software components like codecs, filters, muxers or demuxers. GStreamer is free and open source and is released under the LGPL V2 license, allowing developers to also use it in commercial or closed applications. As a result of this huge collaborative task, GStreamer has established itself as the de-facto standard multimedia framework for GNU/Linux and UNIX systems.

From a technical standpoint, the GStreamer framework was designed to make it easy to write applications that handle audio and video, giving the developer the ability to process any kind of flow. From a user's point of view, GStreamer dramatically enhances the multimedia experience: audio and video files run smoother while memory consumption is minimized.

Providing a seamless and legal multimedia experience

In 2005, Fluendo signed a formal agreement with the most important patent holders in the market -MPEGLA, Microsoft, VIA Licensing, Technicolor & Dolby-. Since then, Fluendo has been the only multimedia company worldwide to provide the most complete set of codecs for audio and video, delivered to the client with its corresponding patent licenses for distribution. Fluendo Codec Pack, a custom package for enterprise purposes that can be easily embedded by OEMs to into their platforms/devices (Thin Clients, PC, laptops, set-top-boxes…) in order to enhance their multimedia content playback.

In 2013, Fluendo refreshes its brand identity to better communicate the kind of company that is today: a dynamic and innovative brand. The suite of products for end users starts to be commercialized under the ONEPLAY brand.

Video analysis diversification

Leveraging its multimedia expertise and proprietary technology, Fluendo decided to expand its product portfolio and dive into a new, challenging, but fast-growing market: video analysis. In 2014 the company acquired the Sports Video Analysis Software LongoMatch, reinforcing the leadership of Fluendo in the multimedia market.

The birth of this new business line represented Fluendo’s evolution towards the creation of end consumer products leveraging the knowledge and technology garnered during 10 years.

In 2016, Fluendo identified an opportunity in the rapidly-growing eSports industry and built a video analysis solution to fulfill the needs of gamers. In 2017, RiftGG, the the first video analysis tool for League of Legends, the most popular PC video game in the world, developed by Riot Games, was born.

Fluendo has not ceased to explore other industries in which video analysis can help improve processes, performance and productivity.