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In a world run by digital and multimedia, people demand excellent user experiences. Anytime, anywhere.

That's why we help companies create better multimedia products with our multimedia middleware solutions and services for multiple frameworks and platforms, including audio and video codecs, multimedia SDKs, image processing modules, and video streaming plugins. We have more than 15 years of expertise guaranteeing outstanding legal and consultancy services among different industries or any business size.

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All the multimedia solutions you need, in one place.

Fluendo provides a complete set of tools that enables decoding and encoding any kind of multimedia content for Linux-based desktop virtualization clients (VDI and DaaS). Our products and solutions are designed for native and web-based applications. They can be used to increase the device decoding and encoding performance, solve bandwidth and connectivity issues and ensure video-audio stability and quality for all major use cases, including Multimedia, HTML5, Webcam redirection, or full desktop encoding.

Use cases

  • Multimedia redirection
  • HTML5 redirection
  • Webcam redirection
  • Full desktop encoding

VDI Providers

  • VMWare
  • Citrix
  • Windows


We make your multimedia stack quicker to use,
hassle-free, and adapted to your needs.


We have a wide range of plugins and solutions to play any audio or video format in virtually any sector.


With our staff of experts, you won't have to worry about potential difficulties, development time, or project costs.


More than 15 years of providing top services. From small to the biggest and finest tech companies worldwide.

Technicians talking about Fluendo

Fluendo's in-depth knowledge of video decoding process and the GStreamer framework has enabled HP to deliver premium user experience across our range of embedded devices. Their engineer-to-engineer discussions with AMD were key to identifying ways that HP's ThinPro embedded Linux operating system could exercise more GPU functionality.

John Robinson,
R&D Manager, Thin Client Software Solutions at HP

Technicians talking about Fluendo

Enabling local media playback and multimedia redirection for IGEL Thin Clients was our main objective, and we were looking for a solution that allowed us to provide Business clients accessing server-based Computing and Virtual desktops. To satisfy our codec needs, the Major Virtualization vendors recommended Fluendo as a provider of the required codecs, so we contacted them to learn about their GStreamer codec plugins. The provided Fluendo codecs could be integrated into our development without any problem. Thanks to Fluendo, IGEL could offer a full PC-like experience to their clients.

Matthias Haas,
Director of Product Management at IGEL

Technicians talking about Fluendo

As experts in multimedia software, Fluendo has delivered high-quality code and provided professional and valuable support to our team. We can highly recommend them.

Chief Scientific Officer,
at ScoutDI

Technicians talking about Fluendo

Fluendo has provided us with quality service, always willing to adapt to our requirements, putting at our service both a team of expert professionals and a unique and valid interlocutor to channel our demands, which has facilitated the management of the service. We have been delighted with this collaboration.

Ana Laguna,
Training Director at GrupoID

Technicians talking about Fluendo

Fluendo's expertise in video streaming and rendering and its collaborative approach to development has allowed us to deliver more value to our customers in a shorter time. And after the product launch, Fluendo has continued providing timely support to ensure our customers receive a best-in-class video experience.

VP of Engineering,
at Security surveillance systems company


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