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What we do at Fluendo

Fluendo is a leading provider of multimedia software solutions based on GStreamer, an open source and cross platform multimedia framework. We develop highly efficient solutions ranging from audio & video codecs to customized media player streaming applications.

In addition to our outstanding products, our engineering expertise allows us to design and implement the GStreamer solutions that best serve our customers’ platforms.

Whatever the industry, multimedia plays a key role to provide a great experience to end users. Fluendo will be delighted to accompany your organization to reach this goal.

Industries where we operate

Industries: End User Computing
End User Computing

Companies who trust our solutions

Industries: Dell Industries: HP Industries: Igel Industries: Unicon Industries: Praim
Industries: Digital TV
Digital TV

Companies who trust our solutions

Industries: Amino Industries: Metrological Industries: Technicolor Industries: Softathome Industries: Seraphic
Industries: InVehicle Infotainment
InVehicle Infotainment

Companies who trust our solutions

Industries: Magneti Marelli Industries: Pioneer Industries: Windriver Industries: Videon

Cross Platform Multimedia SDK

Drawing from GStreamer’s decade-long experience, Fluendo SDK provides developers with a highly reliable, native performance library to face today’s multimedia challenges in industries such as System-on-Chip (SoC), Digital TV and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI).

Together with standard playback controls, Fluendo SDK also supports a wide range of media formats and the appropriate interfaces to deal with Internet Streaming and related DRM systems.

System on Chip

Smart TV and Middleware Platforms

Set-top boxes

Portable devices

In vehicle infotainment

Multimedia software consulting

Our engineering team is specialized in optimizing and porting GStreamer plugins to different embedded platforms, developing multimedia middleware or creating streaming media player applications, leveraging our powerful Fluendo SDK.

These are some of the companies that have trusted our expertise:

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