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DaaS & VDI

Deliver high-performance multimedia experiences to Virtual Desktop users

Fluendo's one-stop solutions play a valuable and unique role in overcoming all multimedia needs within any DaaS or VDI environment. We ensure that your users have a smooth, seamless experience with any kind of multimedia content.

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DaaS & VDI

Users demand virtual desktops to run as smoothly as on a native device, expecting high-definition graphics and videos in real-time.

Fluendo's set of tools enables decoding and encoding multimedia content on any DaaS (Desktop as a Service) o VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) endpoint. Our products and solutions are designed for native and web-based applications to increase the device decoding and encoding performance, solve bandwidth and connectivity issues, and ensure video-audio stability and quality. They are bundled in the major DaaS or VDI manufacturers and have proven their worth on millions of devices worldwide.


Citrix certified for seamless integration

Fluendo products are certified and tested by Citrix as part of the Citrix Ready partnership. All our solutions ensure smooth and reliable performance across any endpoint, providing users with a seamless experience.

Fluendo Codec Pack

Fluendo Codec Pack

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Fluendo FFmpeg Enabler

Fluendo FFmpeg Enabler

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DaaS & VDI

What do we offer

  1. Seamless multimedia framework

    Integration with GStreamer and FFmpeg.

  2. Chromium and Firefox

    Browsers support.

  3. Multiple sets of codec standards

    Going from Mpeg-1 to H.265/HEVC.

  4. Compatibility with VDI providers

    Such as VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft.

  5. Tech alliances ecosystem

    Enabling access to pre-release versions, continuously breaking silos, and reducing tech complexity.