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Consulting Services

Enabling our customers to harness the power of their multimedia capabilities.

Our highly experienced professional experts in multimedia will follow you from the beginning until the very end to deliver a remarkable experience across any industry or business.

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Our Process

We make you grow,
step by step

  1. 01 BRIEFING

    We analyze your query and status quo to understand your needs and goals better and offer solutions.

  2. 02 GOALS

    We set realistic, relevant, and measurable project goals and deliveries based on the information obtained during the briefing.

  3. 03 DESIGN

    We design solutions that adapt to your different needs and objectives based on the project goal, creating an end-to-end custom solution by agreeing on the features, deliveries, and timeline.


    We work through iterations using the latest development techniques and the highest quality standards throughout the process, providing incremental deliverables and bringing relevant changes suited to your evolving needs.

  5. 05 DELIVERY

    Once our services are delivered, our journey with you doesn’t stop there. We ensure the highest experience with our commitment to supporting you with any issues or evolving new projects.


Any size of business,
any type of industry

Our technologies

  1. 01


    The GStreamer framework is designed to make it easy to write applications that handle audio, video, or both. It uses plugins that will provide various codecs and other functionalities.
  2. 02


    If you need to use multimedia formats covered by patent licenses, our solution allows using our patent-compliant plugins based on FFmpeg.
  3. 03

    Linux Embedded

    Raspberry Pi and other embedded Linux devices.
  4. 04

    Audio & Video Codecs

    We develop highly efficient solutions ranging from audio & video codecs to customized media player streaming applications.
  5. 05

    Computer Vision

    All the services related to computer vision technologies.
  6. 06

    Codecs Testing

    Conformance testing or Quality Assurance for codecs.
  7. 07


    Solutions based on OpenGL graphics library.
  8. 08


    Services related to the Chromium browser.



Our team of experts will guide you through developing a solution or a product.

Staff augmentation

An engineer from Fluendo will be working in-house at your service.

Bug Fixing

We are happy to help you fix the bugs and solve the problems.


Solutions created by Fluendo are ready to be used according to your needs.


Hold by expert multimedia engineers to transfer our knowledge to your team.


We provide our assistance to optimize your existing product.


You will acquire our support to upstream an open source work to the community that will bring you many benefits.

Technicians talking about Fluendo

Fluendo's in-depth knowledge of video decoding process and the GStreamer framework has enabled HP to deliver premium user experience across our range of embedded devices. Their engineer-to-engineer discussions with AMD were key to identifying ways that HP's ThinPro embedded Linux operating system could exercise more GPU functionality.

John Robinson,
R&D Manager, Thin Client Software Solutions at HP

Technicians talking about Fluendo

Enabling local media playback and multimedia redirection for IGEL Thin Clients was our main objective, and we were looking for a solution that allowed us to provide Business clients accessing server-based Computing and Virtual desktops. To satisfy our codec needs, the Major Virtualization vendors recommended Fluendo as a provider of the required codecs, so we contacted them to learn about their GStreamer codec plugins. The provided Fluendo codecs could be integrated into our development without any problem. Thanks to Fluendo, IGEL could offer a full PC-like experience to their clients.

Matthias Haas,
Director of Product Management at IGEL

Technicians talking about Fluendo

As experts in multimedia software, Fluendo has delivered high-quality code and provided professional and valuable support to our team. We can highly recommend them.

Chief Scientific Officer,
at ScoutDI

Technicians talking about Fluendo

Fluendo has provided us with quality service, always willing to adapt to our requirements, putting at our service both a team of expert professionals and a unique and valid interlocutor to channel our demands, which has facilitated the management of the service. We have been delighted with this collaboration.

Ana Laguna,
Training Director at GrupoID

Technicians talking about Fluendo

Fluendo's expertise in video streaming and rendering and its collaborative approach to development has allowed us to deliver more value to our customers in a shorter time. And after the product launch, Fluendo has continued providing timely support to ensure our customers receive a best-in-class video experience.

VP of Engineering,
at Security surveillance systems company

Technicians talking about Fluendo

The training gave us an understanding of the features and best practices when using GStreamer. It clarified questions we had about building dynamic pipelines as well as how to debug GStreamer applications. Overall, it gave the team the confidence we needed to keep using and improving our GStreamer skills.

Vehicle Simulation Engineer,
at Potential Motors

case studies

Any size of business,
any type of industry

about the project

The client’s hardware used an application for Windows that was no longer supported, and they decided to use GStreamer to make it a multiplatform (Win, MacOS, Linux) tool. The application’s front end was built with C#, with a layer in C/C++, but the system was unstable and had memory leaks and crashes. We got involved in the middle of the development, dividing the project into two phases: stabilizing the system and adding different features like masking and wrapping.

What we achieved

Provide team’s expertise in GStreamer and help develop a Windows native application based on GStreamer. Doing a big refactor to fix bugs and improve the performance and stability of the application.


  • Staff augmentation
  • Guidance
  • Bug-fixing
  • Training


Security and
video surveillance


  • GStreamer
  • Audio and video codecs
  • Windows
  • D3D11
  • RTSP
  • C++