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Any size of business
Any kind of industry

  • System on Chip
  • Thin clients
  • Set-top boxes
  • Desktops
  • Portable devices
  • In vehicle infotainment
  • Digital signage
  • Smart TV

Fluendo has designed and optimized a complete set of GStreamer and FFmpeg encoders and decoders with or without hardware acceleration.

All our solutions are legally redistributable with your private source code and are compatible with patents royalties.

Fluendo is your perfect partner for all your multimedia projects: encoding, decoding, streaming, transcoding, image analysis or whatever you may think about. Our only limit is your imagination.

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No matter your business size or industry, we have the tools and people to develop what you need.


Our team of experts will follow and support you from the very beginning and until the end of your project.


Providing top services to the smallest and biggest tech companies in the world since 2004.


Step 1: Briefing

We analyze your query, past and current situations, to understand your real needs and offer solutions and improvements.

Step 2: Goals

We structure and decide together realistic, relevant and measurable objectives based on previous briefing information, in adequation with your time and budget.

Step 3: Design

We design the complete and best suited solution for your project. We agree on the minimal viable product features, on the final product features and on the timeline.

Step 4: Implementation

We implement previous solution using last agile development techniques and ensuring highest quality standards during the wole process. Our cyclic way of working allows regular milestones and deliveries where you can give your feedback and bring relevant changes to best suit your constantly evolving needs.

Step 5: Final Delivery and Support

Your business grows and you with it. The journey doesn't stop with the final product delivery. We are still supporting you for any issue and we are present to help you and your teams for any future evolutions or new projects.

In-depth knowledge of video decoding process and GStreamer framework has enabled us to deliver premium user experience across our range of embedded devices.

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