Meet the Team

We’re a bunch of international, good looking and talented employees who work relentlessly to make and sell the best GStreamer based products. We are driven by the idea that great products are born from passion, commitment and impeccable execution.

Meet some of our team members:

Pascal Pegaz-Paquet

Technology entrepreneur, investment expert, Formula 1 and MotoGP watcher, sailing lover, travel aficionado.

Carlos Martin
CEO - LongoMatch

Sea lover as a good pisces, kitesurf addict and apnea beginner. Extra mile chaser and new business passionate.

Jordi Ramón

Entrepreneur interested in strategic corporate finance, addicted biker and motor passionate. Motto: “Genius is one percent talent and ninety-nine percent hard work”.

Jorge Zapata

Code perfector, Open Source promoter, adventurous hiker, bicycle rider, concert goer, soccer player, dog liker.

Andoni Morales Alastruey

Tech junkie, computer tamer, wannabe kite surfer, liker of challenges and maxer out of things.

Aleksandr Slobodeniuk
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Mathematics and science engineering fanatic, family person, guitar and karate practitioner, and classic art and philosophy fancier.

David Fernandez
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Student guy, eternal learner, animal lover, scuba diver and FC Barcelona obsessed supporter.

Alfonso Burgos
Web Programmer & SysAdmin

Retro web programmer, ubuntu, python & django fan, coffe2code, summer time lover and you know ... been there ... done that!

Diego Pinedo
Quality Assurance

Quality software enthusiast and CI/CD implementer... Motor sports liker and e-sport too.Family man, gatronomy tester and lover of nature.

Ruben Gonzalez

Source code nurse and issues tracker gardener. Father of two. Open Source, multimedia tech and Galicia lover. Avid rust developer.

Manel Jimeno

I like creating software in all its forms, also managing systems, and assembling hardware. Father, son, and husband. I like to cook. I have read all of Isaac Asimov. Marvel is better than DC!

Marek Olejnik

Rocket League player

Germán Martinez
QA Engineer

Development of multiplatform applications and professional musician. Always looking forward to discovering, explore, and learn.

Susann Engelhardt

Addicted to numbers, positive vibes and English bulldogs

Melissa Villafranca Zapata
Digital Marketing Junior

Journalist by profession, content creator by passion. Fan of the vermouth, music, The Office and getaways from the city. Always ready for new challenges!

Alicia Arias Banos
Customer Service Representative

Passionated about customer service and always happy to help people around. Love trying to learn new languages, my new challenge is Fench! In love with black cats.

Fabian Orccon

FLOSS contributor, GNU/Linux lover, bargain hunter and sporadic voracious reader

Nacho Garcia
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Programming lover, Linux hacker, virtual sheep dreamer, Japanese cuisine aficionado, SciFi show addict.

Ana Luz Rodriguez Muslera
Account Manager

Travel lover. Full-time foodie that not only eats, but also cooks and bakes. Loves all things creative, plants and music

Oriol Santacana

Electronic engineer making software, amateur padel player, lover of Mediterranean gastronomy and unconditional fan of CE L’Hospitalet. Football & Travel.

Patricia De Antolin
People Manager

Tech lover, with passion for HR where I’ve found my happy place and my daily smile :) I love to practise exercise and team sports such as basketball!

David Ibañez Cerdeira

I love my family and I like technology, open source, IoT and Games.

Shiyin xu
Account Manager

Enthusiastic learner. I am fond of movies, music, and books. Always keeping the curiosity.

Carlos Falgueras García
Multimedia Engineer

Embedded engineer, sun lover, potatoes omelette eater and libre software defender. He enjoys beer with friends and mountain with dogs.

Marc Sanchez
IT Helpdesk Junior

Curious and a good learner. Lover of science and power training. Trying to be better everyday

Carles Grilló
QA/Testing Junior

Martial arts and tech enjoyer trying to learn as much as I can of this two worlds

Ursula Romero González
Tech Product Manager

Lover of travel and outdoor activities. Proactive, organized and always looking for continuous improvement.

Diego Nieto
Senior Multimedia Engineer

Lover maths and logic. Water sports is his second passion, specially surfing and diving

Computer Vision Engineer

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Software development, soccer player at heart and martial arts fan. Always encouraged to learn, trip and enjoy a good coffee.

Glencora del Pino Vives
HR Operations Assistant

I am motivated to learn and work day by day in order to offer the best experience to people in their workplace. I love hiking and discovering new mountains.

Cinthya López
Marketing & Communications Manager

Passionate about music and traveling. Marketing and Communications enthusiast, and an extra mile chaser.

Alejandro Gambín Gómez
Sysadmin Junior LongoMatch

Loves to travel and always up to any adventure. Outgoing, positive and motivated to learn everyday something new.

Clara Rovira
Junior Engineer

Passionate about traveling, music, animals and outdoor activities. Always positive and motivated to learn new things and improve every day

Sergio Sánchez
R+D Engineer

R&D enthusiast, always looking for a better hypothesis. Lover of reading, music and other cultural soul foods. Hobbyist drummer for 20 years.

María García
UX/UI Designer Junior

I'm a graphic designer specializing in ux/ui. Depending on the weather I like to do several sports (hiking, canyoning, diving, yoga..)

Martin Vega
Senior Mobile Engineer

I'm a technology enthusiast and my main hobbies are traveling, football, and video games. I'm a family person and I love to share my time with my wife and daughter.

Montserrat Gordillo Cumplido
QA & Tester Junior - LONGOMATCH-

Videogames, books, arts and birds lover. A hard worker who's always ready to learn new things!

Mónica Barroso

Positive, organized and motivated, looking to learn and improve every day. Lover of outdoor activities, traveling, reading and animals.

Martín Cesarini
QA Engineer

Passionate about technology. Formula 1 and Star Wars fan. He is very detail-oriented person and since he discovered QA he uses it even in everyday life

Michalis Dimopoulos
QA Manager

Home baker, nature & sea lover, road-trip fan, beer & wine enthusiast, leisure-time small investor. QA & process advocate, automation fan of the python kind.

Alejandro Jiménez
Account Manager

Business guy with an entrepreneurial mindset who enjoys selling products and ideas. Passionate about the digital world, traveling, sports, cooking, astronomy and history