Meet the Team

We’re a bunch of international, good looking and talented employees who work relentlessly to make and sell the best GStreamer based products. We are driven by the idea that great products are born from passion, commitment and impeccable execution.

Meet some of our team members:

Pascal Pegaz-Paquet

Technology entrepreneur, investment expert, Formula 1 and MotoGP watcher, sailing lover, travel aficionado.

Andoni Morales Alastruey
Chief Product Officer

Tech junkie, computer tamer, wannabe kite surfer, liker of challenges and maxer out of things.

Jorge Zapata

Code perfector, Open Source promoter, adventurous hiker, bicycle rider, concert goer, soccer player, dog liker.

Gregori Martínez López
Chief Business Development Officer

Technology entrepreneur, addicted runner, amateur photographer, tireless traveller and cinnamon lover

Andrés Bretones Gutiérrez
Content creator

Constant learner, football passionate. Lover of athlete and performance analysis.

Aleksandr Slobodeniuk
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Mathematics and science engineering fanatic, family person, guitar and karate practitioner, and classic art and philosophy fancier.

David Fernandez
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Student guy, eternal learner, animal lover, scuba diver and FC Barcelona obsessed supporter.

Nacho Garcia
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Programming lover, Linux hacker, virtual sheep dreamer, Japanese cuisine aficionado, SciFi show addict.

Manel Jimeno

Alfonso Burgos
Web Programmer & SysAdmin

Retro web programmer, ubuntu, python & django fan, coffe2code, summer time lover and you know ... been there ... done that!

Loïc Le Page
multimedia & applications developer

Freekie engineer, code perfectionist, passionate about xtreme sports, diving and guitar

Diego Pinedo
Quality Assurance

Quality software enthusiast and CI/CD implementer... Motor sports liker and e-sport too.Family man, gatronomy tester and lover of nature.

Pablo Marcos Oltra
Developer Advocate

Code crafter, Open Source lover, performance squeezer, weird talker, watcher of TV shows and dog person.

Pablo Alegre

Swiss army knife of programmers who is ready for anything and a family man who attempts to fit video games and sports around them.

Andrea Cervera
Technical Product Manager

ruben gonzalez

Source code nurse and issues tracker gardener. Father of two. Open Source, multimedia tech and Galicia lover. Avid rust developer.

John Judd

Habitual tinkerer, embedded linux hacker, backpack traveller, runner, hiker, animal friendly video game fiend.

Jose Maria Catena