Meet the Team

We’re a bunch of international, good looking and talented employees who work relentlessly to make and sell the best GStreamer based products. We are driven by the idea that great products are born from passion, commitment and impeccable execution.

Meet some of our team members:

Pascal Pegaz-Paquet

Technology entrepreneur, investment expert, Formula 1 and MotoGP watcher, sailing lover, travel aficionado.

Merce Delgado

Number whisperer, business strategy liker, good restaurant goer, cat lover and scuba diving addict.

Maye Mac
MarCom Director

Marketing person, fashion and tech junkie, plant whisperer, DIY catastrophe, liker of kids and dogs.

Andoni Morales Alastruey
Chief Product Officer

Tech junkie, computer tamer, wannabe kite surfer, liker of challenges and maxer out of things.

Jorge Zapata

Code perfector, Open Source promoter, adventurous hiker, bicycle rider, concert goer, soccer player, dog liker.

Alex Fernandez

Sales person, enjoy travelling and meeting with customers “to make them offers they can’t refuse” (Godfather dixit ;-), sportaholic, frustrated rock guitarist, and mafia-movie lover.

Raul Fortes
SEM & Data Anlayst

Sports & outdoor plan lover, DIY-er, animal carer, occasional traveler, cooker of foods, Sci-Fi and action series aficionado.

Katia Marti
Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Cat lady, sushi lover and Netflix addict. Marketing and Project Management person. Cross-continental enthusiast. Cannot live without her morning coffee, chocolates and spicy candy.

Carlos Querol
Office & Community Manager

Videogames passionate, esports enthusiast, TV series lover and addicted to a good ramen bowl.

Saray Sevilla
Customer Advocacy & Sales

Extreme sports lover, animal advocate and manga addict, painter of nice things, singer and wooden pallet DIY expert.

Víctor Guzmán
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Board game geek, videogame geek, sci-fi & fantasy book geek... Put in short: a happy geek.

Axel Gorris
Multimedia & Applications developer

Passionate coder, football & FCB fan, Play4 and board game addict, TV show devourer and long distance traveler.

Dani Garcia Sanchez
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Avid learner, technology & programming passionate, VR fancier, videogame player, Walking Dead watcher and escape room adventurer.

Stéphane Cerveau
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Computer science stability enjoyer, nature admirer, surf, badminton and soccer lover, Super Mario Kart former player.

Jessica Llabres
System and Network Administrator

Keeper of networks, savior of non-techy individuals, adventures habitué, video games lover, proud geek.

Jordi Paulano
Social Media Manager

Proud geek, cat fan, rap listener, meme maker, social media & eSports freak.

Andrés Bretones Gutiérrez
Content creator

Constant learner, football passionate. Lover of athlete and performance analysis.

Aleksandr Slobodeniuk
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Mathematics and science engineering fanatic, family person, guitar and karate practitioner, and classic art and philosophy fancier.

Rene Montilva
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Free software lover, beach goer, sun liker, enjoyer of piña coladas, baseball and swimming.

Gustavo Jimenez

Developer, changing the world one line of code at a time, xtreme sports addict, gaming fanatic, expert boardrider, rum lover.

Jorge Luna
UX Guardian + UI Designer

Leaser of this <div>. DM receiver of queries & provider of pricing options.

Alfonso Burgos
Web Programmer

Retro web programmer, ubuntu, python & django fan, coffe2code decoder, summer time lover and you know ... been there ... done that!

Eduard Bargués

Easy-going and relaxed team player, machine learning "aficionado", mountain lover and tireless learner. If you do something, do it for someone!

Julian Bouzas
Multimedia & Applications Developer

World citizen, offline socializer, couch surfer, maker of new friends, 80’s nostalgic, JRPG gamer and sci-fi book reader.

David Fernandez
Multimedia & Applications Developer

Student guy, eternal learner, animal lover, scuba diver and FC Barcelona obsessed supporter.

Sandra Pallarés
Team Lead

Quality and performance promoter, video game passionate, craft-beer fanatic, board game collector and TV series watcher.

Victor Martos
Technical Lead

Coding passionate, eternal code improver, tech & gadget buyer, basketball & soccer addict.

Wietse Boontje
Influencer Specialist

Marketing enthusiast, travel freak, guitar player and football addict (Go Ajax!)