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Mercè Delgado appointed CEO of Fluendo

Mercè Delgado appointed CEO of Fluendo

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9 de Mayo de 2015

Mercè Delgado will lead the new phase of the Spanish multimedia company.

Fluendo S.A. has named Mercè Delgado as the new Director General. The company has doubled its team to drive a new phase of growth with multimedia diversification as its core business. The company is pioneer in developing codecs, based on GStreamer, allowing audio and video files playback on different devices, the company has also designed a sports video analysis software.

Graduated in Business Administration from the University of Barcelona, Mercè Delgado has a long track in financial departments of multinational companies and SMEs. Before joining Fluendo S.A. in 2012 as CFO, she held the same position in a multinational automotive industry, where she managed financial teams around the world, negotiated with investors and oversaw the fiscal balance of the company internationally. Delgado also served occasionally as a professor of finance.

"Fluendo S.A. has an enormous human potential that we want to promote not only to consolidate our leadership in the multimedia sector, but also to diversify and grow in new projects with which we are very excited and where we have detected great opportunities, such as the sports video analysis and other projects we are currently working on, "says Mercè Delgado, CEO of Fluendo SA.

ONEPLAY is the main business line Fluendo S.A. product that was first marketed in 2006, when the company developed the first set of legal codecs, based on the GStreamer platform to ensure proper playback of multimedia files on different operating systems and mobile devices. Since then, Fluendo S.A. has become a benchmark in the industry and has adapted to all kinds of formats and media players. Thus guarantees to companies developing computers or other devices, as well as end users of these technologies, that the codecs needed to view the files are legal. Its customers include Hewlett Packard, Dell, Igel, DreamWorks, or Walt Disney Pictures.

Under the leadership of Merce Delgado, Fluendo S.A. is also looking to empower its LongoMatch software, a sports analysis video software that, although created as an Open Source solution, it has evolved into a PRO version with multiple features for coaches to discuss tactics and analyse their team performance. The Spanish National Handball team or The Belgish football team are already using this technology.

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