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Multimedia Edge AI

The convergence of multimedia and AI

Fluendo is redefining the landscape of AI-based solutions for edge devices by combining our extensive multimedia knowledge with state-of-the-art AI technologies. Our AI technology is designed to leverage hardware acceleration, directly enabling fast, efficient, and accurate video analysis on edge devices. This integration not only positions Fluendo as a leader in multimedia technology but also meets the increasing demand for advanced, localized video processing across various industries.

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A Three-leg approach

How can Fluendo help you?

Adopting AI technology, especially in edge devices, comes with its set of challenges. Here are common concerns you might be facing and how Fluendo addresses them:

Fluendo is adept at transforming conceptual opportunities into practical AI solutions. If your organization has pinpointed a process or operation that could benefit from computer vision, our team can guide you from the initial idea to a fully realized AI implementation. We start by understanding your specific needs and then design and develop a custom AI model that addresses your challenge. Our comprehensive approach includes data engineering, model optimization, and seamless integration, ensuring the solution not only meets but exceeds your operational objectives.

Fluendo excels in refining AI models for real-world performance through robust model governance and continuous integration practices. Our approach ensures that models transition smoothly from lab to operational environments by implementing rigorous testing, version control, and automated deployment processes. This framework enhances model adaptability and reliability, addressing real-world challenges effectively.

We specialize in optimizing AI models for faster inference without compromising accuracy. By leveraging our expertise in hardware acceleration and runtime environment creation specifically for edge devices, we can significantly reduce your model's inference time, making it more efficient for real-time applications.

Fluendo enhances AI model accuracy through a combination of advanced training frameworks, optimization techniques, and synthetic data generation capabilities. These strategies are employed to refine and customize AI models, ensuring they perform optimally for specific use cases. While synthetic data generation enriches our training datasets, it complements our broader focus on model accuracy and performance, ensuring robust application in real-world scenarios.

We understand the importance of model size for deployment on edge devices. Our team employs model compression techniques and efficient neural network architectures to reduce the size of your AI models without significantly impacting their performance. This ensures your models are both effective and lightweight, ideal for edge deployments.

Leveraging expertise:
AI SDK advantage

The AI SDK, developed in-house at Fluendo, exemplifies our AI, multimedia, and computer vision expertise. This internal toolkit is pivotal to our efficient delivery of AI solutions, enabling rapid development and productization. Through the AI SDK, we distinguish ourselves as leaders in AI development, leveraging our deep technical knowledge to address complex challenges innovatively. This approach demonstrates our commitment to excellence and solidifies our position as innovators, using our advanced tools to drive value and expertise in every project.

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Fluendo sets the standard in delivering bespoke AI solutions with an infrastructure designed for versatility and efficiency


Our technical infrastructure

Our unique technical capabilities ensure that no matter the challenge, Fluendo has the solution:

Fluendo offers unparalleled flexibility in AI solutions, adept at working with any AI model to precisely meet project requirements and enhance existing models for better performance and efficiency. Our commitment to universal compatibility extends to supporting all major operating systems and programming languages—including C#, C++, and Python—ensuring smooth integration into any tech ecosystem without disruption. This seamless blend of adaptability and technical prowess underpins Fluendo's capability to deliver tailored AI solutions across diverse operational landscapes.


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