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Nokia works with Fluendo on improving the GStreamer multimedia framework

Nokia works with Fluendo on improving the GStreamer multimedia framework

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Recently announced Nokia 770 internet tablet uses GStreamer

Unix and GNU/Linux multimedia specialist Fluendo and world leader in mobile technology Nokia announced today the work done to strengthen the qualities of the popular open source GStreamer framework for use on embedded devices. The effort includes work on improving core features of GStreamer to reduce resource usage and memory footprint even further.

Nokia is constantly looking for new opportunities to innovate and drive our product development forward faster. Being able to work with Fluendo on GStreamer has enabled us to do this when working on the Nokia 770, Nokia Software Development Manager Yannick Pellet says.

Being able to join forces with a world leader like Nokia with their unique tradition of innovation and engineering excellence is a fantastic opportunity for us, says Fluendo Business Manager Christian Schaller.

The usage of Linux on embedded systems is growing quickly, and being able to use the same API and framework on embedded devices, multimedia desktops, and servers is a great boon for developers. Thanks to the support of Nokia, we are able to provide developers with this unified solution.

The GStreamer framework is a central part of the Nokia 770 internet tablet, providing its multimedia processing and handling facilities. As the central multimedia component in the Maemo development platform on which the Nokia 770 is built, GStreamer will enable developers to create all sorts of multimedia applications for this innovative device.

The results of this collaboration will continuously be submitted to the GStreamer Open Source community and merged into the project under the same licensing terms that governs GStreamer today: the GNU LGPL license. This allows the functionality of GStreamer to be used by products under licensing terms chosen by application developers, as long as they're compatible with the LGPL.


The GStreamer framework is the leading multimedia framework on Linux and Unix systems. It is deployed as part of the GNOME desktop used by vendors such as Red Hat, Novell, Sun and Canonical, and it's being used by server products such as Fluendo's Flumotion Streaming Server.

GStreamer's popularity comes from its modular and clean design, allowing it to be used for everything ranging from small handheld devices over full-fledged desktop solutions to back-end media processing and delivery systems.

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