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Fluendo joins IGEL ready program
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Fluendo joins IGEL ready program

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BARCELONA, ES and SAN FRANCISCO, CA –– July 15, 2020

Fluendo, the leader of multimedia solutions based on GStreamer, and IGEL, the edge OS leader for cloud workspaces, today announced that Fluendo has joined the new IGEL Ready program as a technology partner. IGEL Ready opens up the company’s core enterprise software for tech companies like Fluendo to integrate and validate its products, driving business growth and flexible access to enterprise applications for mutual customers of Fluendo and IGEL.

“Multimedia applications are key demands for IGEL customers in order to enable local media playback and redirection for their endpoints. Over the last decade, Fluendo has offered multimedia streaming capabilities through IGEL, improving competitiveness on the market as a result. The IGEL Ready program is the perfect match to integrate our applications into the software at a higher level, enhance the user experience and provide the best technology customization on multimedia codecs," said Gregori Martínez, CSO, Fluendo. "It’s been more than 10 years since IGEL trusted Fluendo to enable local media playback and multimedia redirection for their thin clients. Thanks to our audio and video solutions, IGEL is able to provide its customers with an enriched multimedia experience when accessing server-based computing and virtual desktops".

“The future of enterprise computing is in the cloud. The IGEL Ready program makes it easy for any company to deploy its applications to virtual desktops and cloud workspaces, reaching a new and relevant market and enabling world-class customer service,” said Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL. “We’re excited that Fluendo is joining our growing network of more than 90 IGEL Ready partners and being part of a new movement in the end-user computing industry.”

Now more than ever, providing customers and their employees with reliable, frictionless access to tools, applications, and services is critical for business continuity and growth. The IGEL Ready program ensures that partner applications are validated and shared and that their customers have access to updated and secure software. This new ecosystem enables customers to consider compatible devices and partner applications across a range of categories in the customer-facing IGEL Ready Showcase.

To learn more and start the application process, visit

To explore the IGEL Ready ecosystem of solutions, visit

About Fluendo

Founded in late 2004 in Barcelona, Fluendo was created with the objective of providing a legal solution for multimedia playback by means of an open and cross-platform framework called GStreamer. For more than 10 years, Fluendo has been at the forefront building legal multimedia products developed under this versatile framework and actively contributing to the GStreamer community growth. GStreamer is a development framework to create applications like media players, video editors, streaming media broadcasters, etc. as well as other software components like codecs, filters, muxers, or demuxers. GStreamer is a free and open-source and is released under the LGPL V2 license, allowing developers to also use it in commercial or closed applications. As a result of this huge collaborative task, GStreamer has established itself as the de-facto standard multimedia framework for GNU/Linux and UNIX systems.

In 2005, Fluendo signed a formal agreement with the most important patent holders in the market -MPEGLA, Microsoft, VIA Licensing, Technicolor & Dolby-. Since then, Fluendo has been one of the only multimedia company worldwide to provide the most complete set of codecs for audio and video, delivered to the client with its corresponding patent licenses for distribution. For more information about Fluendo, please visit or send an email to

About IGEL

IGEL provides the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. The company’s world-leading software products include IGEL OS™, IGEL UD Pocket™ (UDP), and IGEL Universal Management Suite™ (UMS). These solutions comprise a more secure, manageable, and cost-effective endpoint management and control platform across nearly any x86-64 device. Easily acquired via just two feature-rich software offerings, — Workspace Edition and Enterprise Management Pack — IGEL software presents outstanding value per investment. Additionally, IGEL’s German engineered endpoint solutions deliver the industry’s best hardware warranty (5 years), software maintenance (3 years after the end of life), and management functionality. IGEL enables enterprises to save vast amounts of money by extending the useful life of their existing endpoint devices while precisely controlling all devices running IGEL OS from a single dashboard interface. IGEL has offices worldwide and is represented by partners in over 50 countries. For more information on IGEL, visit

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