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Fluendo announces free MP3 audio decoding for GNU/Linux and Unix

Fluendo announces free MP3 audio decoding for GNU/Linux and Unix

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Fluendo released today their mp3 decoding GStreamer plug-in for the GNU/Linux and Unix operating systems free of cost.

In order to improve the GNU/Linux and Unix multimedia experience Fluendo announced today the immediate availability of their MP3 plug-in for the GStreamer multimedia framework. The MP3 decoder is available free of charge both for individual end users and GNU/Linux and Unix distribution makers.

In addition to making their licensed binary plug-in available to the public Fluendo also released the source code to this MP3 plug-in under the very permissive MIT license allowing all kind of developers and companies access to it.

The GStreamer plug-in will allow playback of the popular MP3 format using many popular open source applications like the Banshee music player and Totem media player. While various MP3 playback solutions already are available this one will allow MP3 working out of the box with any distribution entering into our distribution agreement.

Fluendo are working very hard to promote and ensure people have excellent support for the free and open Ogg Vorbis audio format, yet we realize that people have many files around in the legacy MP3 format and we wanted to do something to solve that problem.

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