RiftAnalyst will sponsor the LoL Arena in ESL Masters Gamepolis

2017年7月17日 15:48

RiftAnalyst will sponsor the LoL Arena in ESL Masters Gamepolis

During the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of July, the ESL Masters Gamepolis 2017 competition will take place. It will include a professional national tournament of League of Legends, sponsored by RiftAnalyst. Moreover, people attending the event will be able to witness the tournament and the finals of the ESL Masters Gamepolis of League of Legends and other competitions for all types of public inside de ESL Arena. Other sponsors for the competition will be Movistar, Razer, Domino’s Pizza, Cooler Master, Predator, Nvidia y Carrefour.

ESL Arena is an space dedicated to Esports, where assistants can enjoy different entertainment spaces and brand exhibitions. It will be formed by different competition arenas, where all the assistants can participate without any cost and battle to get the prizes they offer. Among the arenas, we will find the ESL Arena by RiftAnalyst, with exciting League of Legends matches sponsored by Fluendo, creators of the tool. Other arenas will be: ESL Arena by Razer, ESL Arena by Cooler Master, ESL Arena by Predator & Nvidia y ESL Arena by Carrefour.

On the other hand, people attending the festival will have access to conferences delivered by Ana “aNouC” Oliveras, Product Manager of ESL Masters and Eider Díaz Ascasso, Brand Manager of ESL España and Eduardo "Keireth" Granado, League of Legends Caster, who will talk about how to focus your efforts to transform your passion into your profession. Whatsmore, ESL will broadcast the program on the radio channel "Fallo de Sistema", from Gamepolis 2017.

See you in Málaga!