We are now RiftGG

2018年11月7日 11:28

We are now RiftGG


So many changes in one release!

Cool new name

More super useful Stats

Sleeker look & feel

Simpler interface

And more…

And the best is yet to come… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m guessing you want to know why we made so many changes, so here we go…

We launched RiftAnalyst a little over a year ago, and it was born as a video analysis tool, but soon enough it evolved into something bigger and more powerful than just THAT specific feature.

Throughout these months, we’ve listened to your feedback and released a bunch of awesome features like:

  • Summoner stats
  • Build recommendations
  • Champion information
  • LoL match recording
  • Highlight generation
  • Excel export
  • And more

…so, the word ‘Analyst’ started to sound a bit off for our product’s name. That’s why we decided to transform it into RiftGG.

You can watch this rad video to be as hyped as we are!


And why RiftGG?

Well, other than thinking it’s a cool name, we wanted to stay close to our identity, that’s why we kept the word ‘Rift’, the color scheme, the font, and our re-interpretation of the logo. And the GG part, well, no need to explain that one ;)

Now… what have we changed within the software?

The first thing you’ll notice is what we call the TBR: The Big Redesign.

RiftGG is now cleaner and simpler.

The navigation bar on the left allows you to shift between tabs easily. From here, you can access ‘My Summoner Profile’, ‘My Matches’ ‘My Video Library’, ‘Stats’ and ‘Champions Vault’.

<img data-cke-saved-src="https://web-fluendo.s3.amazonaws.com/media/redactor/My-Summoner-Profile-riftgg-min.png" src="https://web-fluendo.s3.amazonaws.com/media/redactor/My-Summoner-Profile-riftgg-min.png" "="">

Our timeline is looking lit with a cleaner design and several new functionalities that let you filter and visualize the events you want.

We now offer stats, runes, spells, masteries and a lot more info for every LoL champion. Access it by clicking on the new ‘Champion Vault’ tab.


View and manage your matches from the ‘Video Library’ tab. Every match will be automatically recorded with RiftGG and saved to this library.

From the ‘My Matches’ tab you’ll be able to view all of your matches as well as useful statistics such as kills, deaths, gold difference, wards, and more.

The Stats tab also got a revamp; it looks sleeker and provides more information on any summoner you want.


Our LoL Recording Tool is officially out of Beta! Go try it out!

Last but not least, we’ve improved Rift’s performance, making it way faster than before.

We keep working to make RiftGG the ONLY app you’ll ever need to become the player you’ve always wanted to be. There are more things coming your way. Stay tuned and PLEASE, PLEASE, let us know what you think.

Happy farming!