Fluendo organizes the RiftAnalyst Cup

2018年4月27日 13:19

Fluendo organizes the RiftAnalyst Cup
  • Fluendo organizes the RiftAnalyst Cup, the first tournament for amateur players of Riot’s new Tormenta Circuit
  • The RiftAnalyst Cup will be the starting point of the new competitive format of League of Legends at a national level.
  • 32 teams will be able to participate and compete in the online playoffs starting this May. Stream will be available through twitch.tv
  • The four best teams and players of the RiftAnalyst Cup will gain RP points to fight Tormenta Circuit’s Big Final

Madrid, April 26th 2018- The software company Fluendo, developer of RiftAnalyst, the all-in-one tool for League of Legends, made public today the RiftAnalyst Cup, the first tournament for the Tormenta Circuit.

Created and organized by Fluendo, the RiftAnalyst Cup has become the starting point of a new competitive format for League of Legends at a national level, announced today by Riot Games, the videogame developers, during a press conference held in Madrid.

The Tormenta Circuit was born with the objective of offering new experiences to the community, boost a competitive ecosystem between nonprofessional players, and discover national emerging talents. It will begin in May, with the start of RiftAnalyst Cup’s online playoffs. As Riot already made public, the experience of the Tormenta Circuit will start first in Spain with a series of seven tournaments that will be based on a score system to rank teams and individuals.

The RiftAnalyst Cup generates new opportunities for amateur teams and players of League of Legends to compete with other rivals and prove their value on the Summoner’s Rift as will do any professional player.

32 teams will compete at the RiftAnalyst Cup on an online tournament with different phases that will leave only eight teams for the finals. These eight teams will win a ticket to the on-site finals, and the three best teams will receive amazing prizes.

The on-site finals are scheduled for June the 16th and 17th, in the Imagin Extreme Barcelona, the action sports event which will take place at the Forum Parc.

The on-site finals will have the special collaboration of Newskill, a Spanish brand of peripherals with a wide presence in the gaming scene. Newskill will accompany us on this important date and will provide a complete set up for the players and the public that will come to enjoy the event.

According to the regulations of the RiftAnalyst Cup, only amateur players older than sixteen and living in Spain will be able to sign up. Teams will have five main players and a substitute player, as it will be allowed to have an extra player for replacement.


Open call

Teams that would like to compete on the online playoffs should register here https://RiftAnalyst.com/Cup before May the 9th. Some matches of the online playoffs will be broadcasted live on RiftAnalyst channel on twitch.tv, narrated by distinguished national casters of League of Legends.

Today Mercè Delgado, CEO and CFO of Fluendo, attended Riot Games’ press conference in Madrid, where she said that “ever since we arrived in the eSports scene, we have always wanted to be close to the players, who have helped us to develop and improve our tool with their excitement and interest. Today we are happy to announce the RiftAnalyst Cup and we encourage them to participate and enjoy the experience of being part of the first stop of the Tormenta Circuit, and the on-site finals at the Imagen Extreme, in a continued effort to support eSports, together with the Barcelona Council.”

With the announcement of the RiftAnalyst Cup as the starting point of Riot’s Tormenta Circuit, new competition opportunities come to League of Legends national gaming community, something impossible with the previous competition model. The four best teams and players of the RiftAnalyst Cup will get points, which will be useful to place themselves high in the national classification rank and compete to get to Tormenta Circuit’s big finals.

About Fluendo: Fluendo S.A is software company based in Barcelona whose mission is to provide multimedia solutions based on an open source cross-platform framework named GStreamer. Fluendo, leader in multimedia products and videoanalysis solutions, launched on April 2017 RiftAnalyst, the pioneer all-in-one tool for League of Legends, which allows to improve the performance of the teams and players of competition videogames. Among other functionalities, this tool can check statistics, analyze the performance, record the matches, visualize the plays and share videoclips. Since 2015, Fluendo invested 1,4 million euros in the eSports field to contribute to its professionalization.