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Fluendo Releases SMD Elements for Intel® CE Media Processors

Fluendo Releases SMD Elements for Intel® CE Media Processors

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7 de Septiembre de 2010

Fluendo wraps SMD technologies to GStreamer elements on Intel’s consumer electronics platforms

Fluendo, the leading multimedia software development and GStreamer consultant, has released its GStreamer SMD elements for two Intel CE media processors.

Fluendo is a new member of the Intel® Consumer Electronics Network; a member-based community of hardware, software and services providers that accelerates the development, time-to-market and scalability of Internet-connected CE devices.

Playing an active part in the development of software for consumer electronics devices, Fluendo capitalized from this membership and collaborated with Intel® in improving the GStreamer support for two Intel® platforms, the Intel® media processor CE 3100 and the Intel® Atom™ CE4100, which are used in set-top boxes to create a connected TV experience. While testing the own Media Center on Intel media processors, Fluendo used Intel's existing SDK and developed a set of self-contained GStreamer elements that allowed Playbin2 players to take advantage of these platforms.

The elements developed by Fluendo provide video decoders, post-processing and its rendering elements, as well as audio decoders and its correspondent rendering elements. Those elements leverage the hardware capabilities to decode 2 simultaneous full HD video streams while managing digital audio passthrough and transcoding. Elements are provided in source code from under the license described in the COPYING file that is attached to this source package.

Julien Moutte, CEO and Co-founder of Fluendo commented: “We are glad that Intel and Fluendo are collaborating once more on an open source solution based on GStreamer for such an exciting hardware platform. GStreamer is now fully ready to address the CE market and we are glad to be laying the foundations for the community with this BSD licensed contribution”.

Fluendo is developing state of the art solutions to playback videos and music on different operating systems and devices. More news can be found on Fluendo's website

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