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Fluendo releases Moovida 2.1.0: Better Multimedia Management and Improved User Experience

Fluendo releases Moovida 2.1.0: Better Multimedia Management and Improved User Experience

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12 de Abril de 2011

Fluendo releases Moovida 2.1.0 adding new features that improve multimedia management and user experience.

Fluendo keeps improving Moovida’s performance and adding new features that make their application unique to rise to the challenge of increasingly demanding consumers. Surrounded by thousands of multimedia solutions, users today have many different options to pick out from: media players, media centers, on-demand media streaming services, among others. In this context, having that extra ingredient that sets a product apart is mandatory to succeed in the digital media world.

“Moovida is constantly evolving to offer both, real control over the media files stored on the users’ devices and an outstanding user experience that will allow them to enjoy multimedia like no other media center before”, said Emmanuel Marquez, CEO of Fluendo, when asked about Moovida 2.1.0’s new features. “By adding new capabilities and improving Moovida’s performance, we aim at providing users with an application that transcends the simple playback and administration of media files and allows digital media to grasp the limelight in the TV room”, he concluded.

With Moovida 2.1.0, Fluendo has incorporated some exceptional features, such as the MoovidaViewer, designed to launch any media associated to Moovida in record time: less than 3 seconds. Additionally, this new release includes a weather application that automatically adapts to the users’ location forecast and current time of day, providing information that transcends the simple media player and becomes one of the most important comforts found in modern houses.

Another new feature offered by Moovida is the possibility of watching movie trailers from both interfaces, Core and Immersed. From the Core interface, it is now possible to leverage the graphic horsepower with its support for DirectX Video Acceleration System allowing to decode full HD movies. This feature will be particularly appreciated by consumers that use Moovida on portable devices, where this feature will help save battery life. Also important in this release is the possibility of loading external subtitles (.srt files, for instance) through a simple file selection dialog accessible from the menu.

Moovida’s Immersed interface offers a new dashboard that allows creating playlists to group movies by genre, director, year, or any other filter. Immersed includes 3 different backgrounds to choose from, making this application highly customizable. Additionally, Immersed gives users the possibility of running a live search by typing a movie name and browsing their media library with a keyboard.

Moovida 2.1.0 is available for free download at starting April 12 2011.

If you want to learn more about Moovida or any other Fluendo solution, send an email

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