Exceptional DVD Playblack on Windows and Linux Platforms

ONEPLAY DVD Player is a software application specially designed to reproduce DVD on Linux and Windows platforms. Our solution provides end users with the high quality standards and a complete set of features just like the expected from a high end DVD Player.

ONEPLAY DVD Player is easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface so you only need to focus on enjoying your DVDs. The ONEPLAY experience is all about playback!


The only legal DVD Player for Linux

ONEPLAY DVD Player is the only solution that can play legally encrypted discs (CSS).

Plays most codecs and ensures legal compliance

Multimedia codecs included in the ONEPLAY DVD Player are made available together with their respective patent licenses and provided by the following patent holders:

Codecs logos

Multiple Languages

Change the language of your movies right from the menu bar, or set your default language from the language preferences pane, so the player will automatically set it for you when available.

Full Subtitle Support

Support for all main subtitle and close caption formats. Choose your preferred subtitle from the menu bar, or choose a default setting from the language preferences section.

Multiple Angle Support

With the ONEPLAY DVD Player you can choose any angle available on a multiple angle DVD Disc, so you do not miss those special DVDs with multiple angles.

Digital Audio

ONEPLAY DVD Player includes support for Dolby Digital 5.1 output and stereo downmixing support, along with the possibility to connect your home theater speaker system directly to the digital output.

DVD Region Settings

ONEPLAY DVD Player is compatible with all DVD region codes. It allows you to change the DVD Drive’s region up to 4 times.

Technical Specifications

Linux: Major Linux distributions with a glibc 2.11 or greater.
Windows: Starting from XP.
DVD Drive

Technical Support

Along with your ONEPLAY products purchase we include one year of Technical Support You can buy extended support in your first purchase or renew it before it expires.

Our Technical Support guarantees an answer within the first 3 working days after the incidence is submitted, a dedicated agent will be assigned in order to solve it.

Interested on volume licensing?

If you are a company interested on acquiring our solution for your office environment, please, contact us to request your volume licensing quotation


Companies who trust in our solution

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Benefits of our Distribution Program


    By adding the ONEPLAY Suite to your portfolio you will provide your clients with a state-of-art product that ensures a legal and seamless multimedia experience.


    Distribute the ONEPLAY Suite based on your clients demands, report the sold units and pay only for this volume. Reporting is quick and simple and is done online through our backoffice system.


    Fluendo is responsible for the final user’s technical support. Our Support team is committed with a provided Service Level Agreement (SLA) to our distributors that guarantees an answer according to the incidence/problem/request level submitted.

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