Embed our patent compliant GStreamer codecs into your FFmpeg based applications

Fluendo developed a GStreamer based decoder to enable the use of our complete set of audio and video plugins into one of the most popular multimedia frameworks: FFmpeg.

Using FFmpeg codecs in commercial applications may put your organization at risk, since it uses patented audio and video technologies without the proper license. Fluendo FFmpeg Enabler allows the expansion of our platent compliant codecs into this framework, thus protecting organizations in front of patent holders such as MPEG LA, Via Licensing, Microsoft, or Dolby.

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The Fluendo FFmpeg Enabler

Filling the legal gap in FFmpeg

Legal issues are a constant source of questions and confusion for organizations and developers working with FFmpeg.

It is widely known that embedding FFmpeg core into a commercial product could put organizations at risk, since this framework uses libraries which include patented audio and video technologies (ie. libavcodec). Therefore, multimedia patent holders like MPEG LA, Via Licensing, Dolby, Microsoft are vigilant and diligent about collecting the corresponding technology royalties.

The Fluendo FFmpeg enabler brings all our portfolio of patent compliant audio and video plugins into the FFmpeg framework, allowing developers to create a fully compliant commercial application.

GStreamer Decoder for FFmpeg

Fluendo developed a GStreamer based decoder using the backend system included on FFmpeg.

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Our GStreamer decoder for FFmpeg allows to embed Fluendo Codec Pack in a seamless and transparent way for the developed application or environment. In addition to the legal benefits, our solution offers the following advantages to FFmpeg developers:

Accelerate Time 2 Market

Our enabler allows organizations that are developing FFmpeg-based applications to easily embed a legal codec solution.

The Product Management or Legal departments don’t need to negotiate specific agreements with the main multimedia patent holders in the market such us MPEGLA, Microsoft, Dolby, etc., which could result in product launch delays.

Developers and software engineers can now leverage a patent compliant solution from the day 0 of their new solution.

Plug and Play – Easy integration

Since our solution consists on a new backend inside the FFmpeg framework, the integration is pretty straight forward (plug and play).

It won’t result in any complicated software modification, facilitating the development of your application.

Real Use Case

Firefox GStreamer backend

On 2016, Mozilla Firefox decided to change its multimedia backend from GStreamer to FFmpeg (NPAPI extensions were also disabled). This change affected a set of audio and video formats whose browser support suffered from a legal limitation.

Since Firefox embeds FFmpeg dynamically, the GStreamer decoder maintains FFmpeg API/ABI compatibility by using the GStreamer framework behind the scenes.

Interested in our GStreamer plugins?

Interested in enabling our GStreamer plugins into any specific framework. FFmpeg or DirectShow? Please contact us and tell us more about the multimedia challenge you are facing.