Embed our patent compliant GStreamer codecs into your Microsoft's DirectShow based applications

Fluendo developed a GStreamer filter to enable the use of our complete set of audio and video plugins into this media-streaming architecture for Microsoft Windows.

Fluendo DirectShow Enabler allows developers take advantage of our patent compliant codecs since this Microsoft framework doesn’t provide to proper license to allow the commercial use of some patented audio and video formats.

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The Fluendo DirectShow Enabler

Filling the legal gap in DirectShow

There is a long list of popular patented audio and video decoders which are not included by default in the DirectShow framework, for example, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, AAC, MPEG-4 part 2, among others. Here is where Fluendo makes the difference: the Fluendo Codec Pack bundled with our enabler for DirectShow allows developers to embed these popular formats into their Windows-based platforms having the peace in mind that they are working with a patent compliant solution.

DirectShow Filter for GStreamer

Fluendo developed a DirectShow filter that loads the GStreamer plugins from the Fluendo Codec Pack allowing the DirectShow framework to use our legal codecs in the application.

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In addition to the legal benefits, our solution will provide the following advantages to organizations that are working with WES/Windows 10 IoT:

Multimedia SPOC

Some organizations commercialize platforms based on both Windows and Linux Operating Systems. Their Project Management teams struggle to find a common strategy to handle multimedia challenges and meet royalty obligations related to specific format usage.

The Fluendo Codec Pack has been working on Linux environments for the past 10 years. By using this filter, our GStreamer-based plugins will work on a Windows-Based environment, becoming the first plugin solution that can be supported across Linux and Windows Operating Systems.

In this regard, Fluendo will be the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for topics related with multimedia and patents.

Plug and Play – Easy integration

Since our solution consists on a standard DirectShow filter, the integration will be pretty straight forward (plug and play).

It won’t result in any complicated software modification, facilitating the development of your application.


DirectShow is a multimedia framework and API produced by Microsoft for software developers to perform various operations with media files or streams. Based on the Microsoft Windows Component Object Model (COM) framework, DirectShow provides a common interface for media across various programming languages, and is an extensible, filter-based framework that can render or record media files on demand at the request of the user or developer.

In the past, it was believed GStreamer was the default multimedia framework for Linux based systems, while Directshow is for windows-based systems. However, both of them have similar functionality: while GStreamer uses ‘plugins’ for operations, Directshow uses ‘directshow filters’.

Fluendo DirectShow Enabler allows to use GStreamer based plugins as new DirectShow filter with the added value we include the patent license for commercialization for those formats covered by patent laws.

Microsoft plans to completely replace DirectShow gradually with Media Foundation in future Windows versions. Therefore, we will launch a Fluendo Media Foundations Enabler accordingly.

There are hundreds of codecs in use out there, and you will need combinations that specifically play your files. There are codecs for audio and video compression, for streaming media over the internet, speech, video conferencing, playing MP3s, and screen capture. Selecting the right codec can depend on several factors. Target file size, output quality, and delivery method all factor in.

Some of the most popular codecs are:

  • Audio: MP3, AAC, WMA, AC3
  • Video: H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, MPEG-4 part 2, WMV

Because there are so many codec choices, codec packs are a convenient option.

Fluendo Codec Pack is our complete set of audio and video encoders and decoders especially created for Enterprise. However, if you only require codecs for playback purposes, as an End User, ONEPLAY Codec Pack is the solution for you.

Interested in our GStreamer plugins?

Interested in enabling our GStreamer plugins into any specific framework. FFmpeg or DirectShow? Please contact us and tell us more about the multimedia challenge you are facing.