Technological milestones

Innovation is part of our DNA


In late 2004, Fluendo is founded in Barcelona with the intention of providing a legal solution for the multimedia files reproduction. Fluendo hires a team of developers from a Free Software project called GStreamer in order to provide the foundations of a professional framework with the objective of meeting or exceeding the performance of current applications in the market.


Fluendo starts working in a GStreamer plugin that allows the legal reproduction of DVDs, which years after will become the ONEPLAY DVD Player.
Fluendo signs a formal agreement with the most important patent holders in the market: MPEGLA, Microsoft, VIA Licensing, Technicolor & Dolby.
With its multimedia expertise, Fluendo develops a codec pack for audio and video delivered to the client with its corresponding patent license. It is the first time Microsoft’s videos (Windows Media Video, Windows Media Audio, etc) can be played on Linux environment legally.


This year graphic cards manufacturers (Intel, AMD/ATI, NVIDIA) develop different interfaces of video decoding acceleration for hardware in Linux. Fluendo is pioneer on creating a plugin for GStreamer that allows decoding and rendering video using the resources of the graphic card.


Fluendo releases the first version of GStreamer SDK. This is the first GStreamer version supported & certified for companies for its commercial use in multiple platforms. Fluendo incorporates multi-platform (Windows & OSX) support in its hardware decoding and rendering GStreamer plugin.


Adaptive Streaming consolidates in the multimedia market and Fluendo releases its set of GStreamer plugins for Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming & MPEG-DASH.


Fluendo launches ONEPLAY Player, the first multimedia player that works on all the desktop and mobile platforms and which also includes all the Fluendo legal codecs.


Fluendo releases the first GStreamer plugin that supports H.265. This year the company expands its product portfolio and acquires LongoMatch, the sports video analysis software (VAS), reaffirming its leadership in the multimedia market.


Fluendo incorporates hardware encoding as part of their codecs solutions.


Fluendo releases the LongoMatch PRO version 1.2 along with the Mobile APP Tag2Win reinforcing its technological commitment with the mobile industry.


In May, Fluendo presents the DirectShow Filter and the FFmpeg Enabler with the objective of expanding the Fluendo Codec Pack offering to other multimedia frameworks by still guaranteeing legal compliance to developers.

Working towards having a more complete offering in our multimedia offering, in July and, in collaboration with SERAPHIC Information Technology, the Fluendo SDK was born. An HbbTV compliant solution aimed at solving problems like platform fragmentation and multi operating system support.