KIYF: Runner up of the SLO with the help of RiftAnalyst

July 4, 2017, 10:18 a.m.

KIYF: Runner up of the SLO with the help of RiftAnalyst

As most of you may already know, PochiPoom, KIYF's coach and the technical staff, have been using RiftAnalyst for months to analyze their team matches and improve their performance on League of Legends. This is really gratifying, mainly because of the great results they achieved during this season. Getting so close to classifying to the Challenger Series and being the runner-up team at the Super Liga Orange, are a proof of the team's dedication and effort during their preparation, despite the countless challenges they have been through.

At RiftAnalyst, we feel extremely proud of how far they've gotten as well as the ambitious goals they have achieved with the help of our software.

Talking about the functionalities which where specially useful during this preparation, PochiPoom says one of the most valuable features for him, is the possibility of importing a match and automatically identifying key actions thanks to the connection between RiftAnalyst and Riot's API. This allows saving a lot of time because you don't have to spend hours watching long videos to identify mistakes (or achievements) in all of the matches.

On the other hand, F1REGG, the team's analyst, thinks that the fact of being able to quickly creat playlists of every player, write down annotations and insert drawings to show them in a visual way, contributes to a better understanding of what everyone did right or wrong, and therefore helps improve their performance on the following match.

Both agree that the historic of data by matches and players that RiftAnalyst allows you to create, is extremely valuable to see a player's progress. This evolution is what will determine the continuity of a player in a first level club such as KIYF.

Congratulations to the runner-up team and we hope to see more victories next season with the help of RiftAnalyst!