Fluendo enters the mobile market with LongoMatch Tag2Win, a real-time sports video analysis app

June 2, 2016, 6:41 p.m.

Fluendo enters the mobile market with LongoMatch Tag2Win, a real-time sports video analysis app
  • The video analysis tablet application allows users to simultaneously record and analyse a match
  • Several national sports teams using the tool will be participating in the UEFA European Championship in France and the Olympics in Rio

Fluendo has disembarked in the mobile sector with the launch of Tag2Win, a free application that allows users to record and tag matches in real time using a tablet, in an effort to aid coaches in their work and save them time.

The app uses the same analysis dashboard as the LongoMatch program, and coaches and collaborators can import a project onto their computers using the Sync2Desk plug-in to carry out more detailed analyses.

The application complements LongoMatch PRO, the world’s leading sports video analysis software, developed in Spain and used by video analysts from teams such as the Belgian national football team, the Spanish national handball and rugby teams, and professional European, Asian and U.S. teams, among others.

According to Mercè Delgado, CEO of Fluendo S.A., “The mobile market has taken on a strategic role in the new era of Fluendo. We have placed sports video analysis in the palm of coaches’ hands to make it more accessible, and we believe that both amateur and professional teams will benefit from Tag2Win and the immediacy it provides”.

About LongoMatch PRO

LongoMatch PRO has more than 6,000 users worldwide. It is a powerful, intuitive and customizable tool that allows video analysts and coaches of any team sport to analyse both their own players and the weaknesses of rival teams. It makes it possible to create playlists and presentations for each type of action or player in a match, generate statistics and easily share the information with the team. LongoMatch PRO allows users to store a team’s historical performance data, creating a long-term database that can be revisited in the future. The tool also aims to satisfy three basic needs: saving time in analysis, facilitating the work of the technical team and supplying information on the evolution of the team’s performance over time.

Learn more at www.longomatch.com