New section on eSports in Diario Sport

May 30, 2018, 5:23 p.m.

New section on eSports in Diario Sport

At Fluendo, we have always acknowledged that gamers’ illusion and enthusiasm have been key to the development of RiftAnalyst. “For us, it is of great importance to keep the communication flowing with such an active and enthusiastic community”, stated Mercè Delgado, CEO and CFO of Fluendo. “That’s why we wanted to create a meeting point where we could talk about eSports and League of Legends”, she added. As a result of the increasing importance of eSports worldwide, and the solid presence of Fluendo in this arena, David Casanovas and Ernest Folch, General Director and Director of the prestigious Diario Sport, on May 23 signed a collaboration agreement with Mercè Delgado, our CEO, to provide a space for Fluendo to communicate with the gamers community: “Wardeando by RiftAnalyst”.

In the eSports world, ‘to ward’ is the action of placing vision wards on the map. And according to Fluendo CEO, this is precisely what RiftAnalyst does: “Wardeando by RiftAnalyst (an expression borrowed from English and then adapted to make it sound like a verb in Spanish) is a very fortunate title for this new section for two main reasons: first of all, just like a ward may unveil something that’s hidden for the naked eye, RiftAnalyst is a tool designed for gamers to envision the eSport as whole and, from there, improve their strategies and know their rivals”, said Mercè. “The second reason is that, since we are players in the eSports arena, we have the duty to give the audience visibility of everything that’s happening, especially when this audience is not familiar with eSports. We are thrilled with this collaboration between Fluendo and Diario Sport because this space will also allow us to keep listening to the community and fulfilling their needs”, she concluded.

We would like share this first edition of our section “Wardeando by RiftAnalyst”, where we talk about RiftAnalyst Cup, the first tournament of Riot’s Circuito Tomenta.

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