The RiftAnalyst Cup is right around the corner!

June 13, 2018, 1:30 p.m.

The RiftAnalyst Cup is right around the corner!

eSports amateurs will meet this weekend in Barcelona, the city hosting the face-to-face finals of the RiftAnalyst Cup. This is the first stop of Riot Games’ Circuito Tormenta, the new amateur national competition format for League of Legends.

96 amateur teams signed up for the RiftAnalyst Cup and played the online tournament that started on May 14. From all of them, only 8 teams made it to quarter finals and are now eager to compete in the face-to-face tournament hosted at the Imagin Extreme Barcelona facilities, the action-sports event that will take place at the Parc del Forum.

KIYF Academy, Twitch Warriors, Eagles UDC, Colesterol +200, Daltonic, Buena Pregunta, Los Tilteds and CDESA Black will fight on June 16, starting at 12:00 hrs., eight Bo1’s to qualify for the next round and play the finals on June 17.

The RiftAnalyst Cup will be hosted by Cristinini, Cristina López, one of the most popular presenters in the Spanish eSports scenario. She will host the event accompanied by Rifty, RiftAnalyst mascot, a dragon that has conquered the hearts of countless League of Legends fans. It will also be possible to follow RiftAnalyst Cup face-to-face matches live on twitch. These broadcasts will be commented by prestigious national casters, such as Noa, Champi, Sixs and DondeGentes.

The three best teams of the Cup, aside from receiving amazing prices, will be able to prove their worth in the Summoner’s Rift, adding up points to continue their restless competition in the other six stops of Riot’s Circuito Tormenta. This first edition of the circuit is sponsored by Intel, Omen by HP and Domino’s Pizza. Its final stop will be also held in Barcelona by the end of 2018.

The RiftAnalyst Cup, organized by the software development company Fluendo, will present a League of Legends cosplay parade on its remarkable stage and will organize a number of fun activities for the audience. Throughout the weekend, the audience will enjoy a series of recreational and didactic activities, such as free RiftAnalyst course, to master the all-in-one tool designed for League of Legends, the first -and so far, - the only tool contributing to build the eSports ecosystem.

Newskill is a Spanish manufacturer of peripherals with ample presence in the gaming scene. Newskill collaborates in the face-to-face competition by providing a complete set-up for the finalists and the people who come to the event. This company will also provide the prizes for teams winning the second and third place.

Flumotion, on the other hand, will provide us with the streaming services to live-broadcast the event through Twitch.