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IGEL: A Superb Multimedia Partnership since 2009

IGEL: A Superb Multimedia Partnership since 2009

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Sept. 12, 2017

It’s been 8 years since IGEL trusted Fluendo to enable local media playback and multimedia redirection for their thin clients. Thanks to our audio/video solutions, IGEL is able to provide their customers with an enriched multimedia experience when accessing server-based computing and virtual desktops.

These are some of the major codecs that Fluendo provides to the German-based technology company:

  • Audio: MP3 | AAC | WMA Stereo
  • Video: WMV 7/8/9 | H.264 | MPEG-2 | MPEG ½

Some of the typical usage scenarios they support are:

  • local media player
  • local browser rendering multimedia content
  • Citrix HDX multimedia redirection
  • Citrix H.264 deep compression codec
  • Microsoft RDP multimedia redirection
  • Microsoft RemoteFX8 video optimized remoting
  • vWorkspace multimedia redirection

Click here to know more details of our partnership with IGEL.

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