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GStreamer Conference 2023 recap
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GStreamer Conference 2023 recap

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Rubén González

Nov. 23, 2023

The GStreamer Conference took place on the 25th and 26th of September in the picturesque city of A Coruña, Spain. It served as a dynamic convergence point for enthusiasts, developers, community members, researchers, students, and professionals interested in multimedia and the GStreamer framework.

The conference provided a unique platform for attendees to exchange ideas, share insights, and explore the latest developments in multimedia technology. In this edition, some team members delivered talks and presentations during the conference, sharing their expertise and experiences. In case you miss the event, you can catch up on all the Fluendo talks in the links below: 

  • GStreamer and VSCode: A Love Story by Andoni Morales explored the seamless integration of VSCode with Meson and GStreamer, showcasing its robust features such as IntelliSense, unit tests, and debugging, providing developers with an efficient and unified environment for GStreamer development in C/C++ and Rust.

  • Alexander Slobodeniuk's presentation "Patching a 3rd-party plugin in runtime" delved into an intriguing facet of GObject, exploring its ability to register and modify GStreamer elements at runtime dynamically. 

  • Fluster: A framework for multimedia decoder conformance testing by Michalis Dimopoulos and Rubén Gonzalez provided an in-depth exploration of Fluster's functionalities. 

  • Andoni Morales returned with "Writing GStreamer applications with C#," discussing the current state of C# bindings and providing insights into effectively using them for GStreamer applications.

  • HYPE: HYbrid Parallel Encoder by Rubén Gonzalez, who unveiled HYPE's design, showcased achieved results, and explored limitations, providing insights into potential enhancements for future iterations.

  • Michalis Dimopoulos detailed "Flumes: Scan and index your multimedia files," explaining how this tool can enhance the QA process by facilitating easy access to multimedia files with specific specifications.

  • GstWASM: GStreamer for the Web by Jorge Zapata offered an overview of the challenges of bringing GStreamer to the web using Emscripten and WebAssembly (WASM.)

We are very proud that a tool we created to help us solve a few of our challenges has become something that the entire community has embraced. We are talking about Fluster; what else? The journey continues, and we can't wait to explore new challenges.

We are looking forward to reconnecting with the GStreamer community next year!

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