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Fluendo joins AEVI

Fluendo joins AEVI

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Dec. 12, 2017

Spanish company Fluendo, specialized in multimedia solutions and multimedia, has just announced its incorporation to the Spanish Videogame Association (AEVI). Mercè Delgado, CEO & CFO of Fluendo, says: Now that Fluendo has joined AEVI, we hope to contribute to the consistent growth of eSports, taking into account the different points of view of all the industry players. We have to take advantage of the current Spanish scene, as it is the driving force of eSports in Europe and work to position our country as a worldwide pioneer.

Fluendo’s incorporation comes after AEVI’s efforts to consolidate itself as the organization that brings together the main Spanish eSports operators as well as its publishers. The organization has been working during these lasts months to determine the position of eSports in Spain. To José María Moreno, AEVI’s general director, “the main eSports companies and leagues work together in our association to turn our country into a country of reference on an international level and help the Spanish eSports brands expand to new markets.


Fluendo and AEVI will work together to set the bases to allow this promising industry to consolidate its growth, encouraging its professionalization among a young audience, full of excitement and talent, but that at the same time needs professional capabilities and management experience. The main goal is to place competitive videogames at the same professional level as other entertainment platforms, making sure there is a voice that gathers all their concerns and that represents the industry when it’s time to develop initiatives that will help its consolidation from rigor and efficient management as sport and business.

Fluendo’s incorporation to AEVI arrives in a year when the eSports industry has experienced a massive growth in our country, with audience and attendance numbers in continuous growth: Superliga Orange closed the season with a 50% growth of hours watched. Gamergy 2017, celebrated in June in IFEMA, beat assistance records with almost 40.000 participants and 1,1 million of viewers in total. In the Barcelona Games World, at the beginning of October, with a strong presence this year in eSports, registered 140.000 assistants in only a weekend. On the other hand, Madrid Gaming Experience, celebrated at the end of October, had 104.000 visitors during the weekend.

The Spanish company, which was already present on eSports as sponsor, has reinforced its position in 2017 with the launch of RiftAnalyst this past April (, the first video analysis tool for eSports, aimed at helping different actors from the League of Legends ecosystem: players, analysts, coaches, contents creators or media.

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