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Fluendo Launches the DVD Player for Windows Operating Systems.

Fluendo Launches the DVD Player for Windows Operating Systems.

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March 15, 2010

After the success obtained with the Fluendo DVD Player for Linux and Open Solaris, Fluendo aimed to reach Windows users by offering them fully functional products for that platform. In order reach a broader audience, Fluendo announces the launch of the Fluendo DVD Player for Windows, which includes all the functionalities contained in its original version for Linux: full DVD support with menus, Dolby Digital Sound System 5.1, multiple angles and subtitles, encrypted discs and integration with the GStreamer framework. By entering the Windows market, Fluendo applications span a large number of users who can benefit from Fluendo’s quality solutions to enjoy their multimedia on their computers and devices. With the launch of the DVD player for Windows, Fluendo profits from the great versatility of the GStreamer framework to offer multiplatform solutions. Fluendo DVD Player offers more value for a lower price. Menus work as they were intended to, and it’s possible use the mouse to click on any menu item or the keyboard cursor keys to switch between the virtual buttons.

With Fluendo DVD Player, our customers will experience one of the best reproductions of Dolby 5.1. Besides, they will be able to access multiple audio tracks and angles, properly access the DVD menus, view multi‑language subtitles and use many other features that are missing from other alternatives. We think this a very complete and interesting offer for the people who enjoy watch their DVDs on Windows”, said Julien Moutte, Fluendo founder and CEO.

Fluendo is developing state of the art solutions to playback videos and music on different operating systems and devices. More news on the availability of further versions of the Fluendo DVD Player and other Fluendo multimedia solutions will be featured on the Fluendo website at

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