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Fluendo Joins The Linux Foundation

Fluendo Joins The Linux Foundation

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March 7, 2012

Fluendo ratifies its commitment to Linux by joining The Linux Foundation.

Fluendo, the leading multimedia software development company and GStreamer expert, announced today that it has joined The Linux Foundation (, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux.

Being an active part of the development of legal multimedia software for Linux, and also as one of the most important contributors to GStreamer, the de-facto Open Source Multimedia Framework, Fluendo joins The Linux Foundation to support the development and enhancement of this operating system by offering software solutions enabling end users and professionals to have legal multimedia capabilities in their devices.

“Since its creation in 2004, Fluendo has been part of the Linux community, and has participated with the development of GStreamer -one of the most commonly used frameworks for multimedia applications, both on Linux OS and on proprietary OS”, said Julien Moutte, CTO of Fluendo. “At Fluendo, our mission is to enable Linux solutions in several environments, taking care of all legal aspects of such solutions. We are making commercial Linux solutions legally available world wide. From user desktops to thin clients, from smartphones to tablets, from notebooks to connected TVs, the opportunities offered by Linux from both a business and a technical perspective are immense”, concluded Julien.

“Fluendo is an important Linux ecosystem stakeholder and its contributions to open source and multimedia on Linux have played a key role in the evolution of the operating system”, said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer services at The Linux Foundation. “We are pleased to have Fluendo as a member of The Linux Foundation and we are convinced that this is the start of a fruitful relationship”.

Fluendo provides a complete set of playback plugins, a DVD Player and a Media Center, all of them suitable for both, end users’ desktops and multimedia-centric consumer electronics devices, such as inflight and in vehicle infotainment, set-top-boxes, Smart TVs, and thin clients, among many others. More information on Fluendo and its products featured on

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