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Fluendo joins the GENIVI Alliance to develop multimedia solutions in the automotive sector

Fluendo joins the GENIVI Alliance to develop multimedia solutions in the automotive sector

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Feb. 9, 2017

  • Manufacturers like BMW, Renault o Nissan are part of the GENIVI Alliance

  • In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) is an expanding market for technology companies

Fluendo, Spanish leading brand in the multimedia solutions industry, has just announced its incorporation to the GENIVI Alliance, an organization that brings together top automotive brands, and key technology hardware/software suppliers.

The Alliance was founded in 2011 in California (United States), has more than 140 members, and has the goal of developing innovative solutions in the field of connectivity, information and in-vehicle entertainment.

Music, news, internet, videos, as well as navigation and location systems are some of the main services which together bring the concepts of “Connected Car” and “In-Vehicle Infotainment” (IVI) to life. The market for these solutions is currently in expansion, and is expected to achieve a value of 35.2 billion dollars in 2020.

The GENIVI Alliance puts at its members’ disposal, the ‘GENIVI Development Platform’, based on an open software code, where IVI-solution prototypes can be implemented and easily tested through the collaborative work of its members.

GENIVI’s development platform defines the multimedia GStreamer framework as a key element to the processing of audio and video signals. Fluendo aims to bring this expertise to the GENIVI Alliance members and create fruitful synergies.

To Mercè Delgado, Fluendo’s CEO, “This is a crucial agreement for the diversification of our services and solutions. The automotive sector is making enormous efforts in the improvement of information and entertainment systems in vehicles and Fluendo can bring a lot into this field through our expertise in audio and video processing through GStreamer framework.”

Fluendo doubled its staff in 2016 and had an increase in revenue of an 18%, after reaching sales of 2,5M€. The entrance in the In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) market, as well as the success of their sports video analysis solutions: LongoMatch PRO and Tag2Win, determine the diversification strategy that the company is pursuing.

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