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Fluendo Joins Open Invention Network as a Licensee

Fluendo Joins Open Invention Network as a Licensee

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Oct. 25, 2010

Fluendo joins Open Invention Network’s efforts in reducing IP threats to open source development and innovation.

Fluendo, the leading multimedia software development company and GStreamer expert, today announced its decision to join OIN as a licensee and to adhere to its obligations under the OIN licensing agreement.

Being an active part in the development of multimedia software based on open source technologies, and also as one of the most important contributors to GStreamer, the de-facto open source multimedia framework for Unix/Linux operating systems, Fluendo decided to join Open Source Network’s efforts to create a supportive ecosystem that ensures the growth and adoption of Linux.

Patents owned by Open Invention Network are royalty-free for any company, institution or individual that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux system, enabling Fluendo to receive cross licenses from other OIN licensees, and more importantly, working together with companies such as Mozilla, Sony, Novell, IBM, and Red Hat, among other key open source players, to address IP threats.

“Fluendo develops multimedia software and deals with its licenses, taking care of one of the most sensitive areas for Linux and Open Source when it comes to IP threats. Our objective is to make multimedia on Linux a reality, offering solutions that will give Linux users the same capabilities and advantages offered by any other Operating System”, said Julien Moutte, Co-founder and CEO of Fluendo. “Also, at Fluendo we have bet a great deal on Open Source, since we have supported the GStreamer multimedia framework for a long time with our contributions and developments. We understand the importance of participating within the community and in helping to spur open source innovation”, he concluded.

“Fluendo is internationally recognized as one of the leading contributors to the Open Source multimedia framework GStreamer. As such, we are pleased to welcome Fluendo into the OIN community of licensees”, said Keith Bergelt, CEO of Open Invention Network. “By signing our license, Fluendo affirms that it values the continued openness of Linux and demonstrates its willingness to protect Linux. We applaud the company’s foresight in taking this step to support both itself and the principles of open source.”

Fluendo, Influencing the Multimedia World

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