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Fluendo Codec Pack Release 15: Now Supporting Hardware Acceleration for AMD XvBA

Fluendo Codec Pack Release 15: Now Supporting Hardware Acceleration for AMD XvBA

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Sept. 27, 2011

Fluendo today announced the release of Codec Pack 15, which contains Hardware Accelerated video decoders for AMD.

One of the most outstanding features of the Fluendo Codec Pack Release 15 is the support for AMD GPUs through the XvBA using OpenGL for efficient video rendering. These improvements are consistent with Fluendo’s strategy of enabling quality multimedia on an increasingly wider variety of platforms and devices.

“By providing Hardware Acceleration through XvBA, Fluendo codecs now span the complete range of GPU’s that can benefit from Hardware Accelerated video decoding”, commented Muriel Paumier-Moscardini, CEO of Fluendo. “In previous releases, we had added support for VDPAU (Nvidia) and VAAPI (Intel), and we were looking forward to taking the following step, which was arming AMD GPU’s with Full HD capabilities. This is excellent news for Fluendo, and we are proud that our software is enabling high quality multimedia on AMD platforms, themselves providing a high level of performance”, she concluded.

By taking this step, Fluendo’s has demonstrated that both their reference framework (GStreamer) and the plugins they develop are adaptable and efficient in different environments and circumstances. Fluendo products are today used by most OEMs for devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Thin Clients, Tablets, Digital Signage, Set-Top Boxes, Connected TV, Media Centers. Also, Fluendo solutions have been adopted by famous companies using Linux internally, to provide their employees with high quality multimedia capabilities, in compliance with patent licenses, and enabling the legal use of these formats on Linux OS.

Fluendo Codec Pack release 15 also adds support to Totem/playbin2 playback in recent distributions, which contains some GStreamer regressions preventing hardware accelerated video playback. Some other improvements in this release include faster seeking support for HTTP streams on ASF demuxer, support for deinterlacing with H264/AVC, and several improvements in AAC and MPEG2 performance. The Fluendo Codec Pack release 15 is available at shop/product/complete-set-of-playback-plugins/.

Fluendo is developing state of the art solutions to enable legal playback of music and videos on different operating systems and devices. More news on the availability of other Fluendo multimedia solutions will be featured at

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