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Fluendo Codec Pack Release 10: One Step Ahead to Reaching Excellence in Multimedia.

Fluendo Codec Pack Release 10: One Step Ahead to Reaching Excellence in Multimedia.

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Nov. 17, 2009

Fluendo S.A. announces the Codec Pack Release 10.

Fluendo is an established leading provider of multimedia plug-ins for the GNU/Linux Market, and has succeeded in offering legal end-to-end solutions working with multiple formats and platforms.

Offering the Linux/Unix community stable solutions and a quality experience when playing multimedia is not an easy task. Fluendo knows it, and has embarked in an ongoing quest to provide legal and professional solutions. As a result, the software developed by Fluendo is not only under the constant inspection of their clients, but also of Fluendo developers.

This is a philosophy we committed with since we stared out a business based on Open Source. We are in constant communication with our community and are very aware of their needs. This policy means that we have accepted the compromise of guaranteeing our clients continuity for their multimedia projects and the constant improvement of our products.” remarked Julien Moutte, Fluendo CEO.

The latest release of Codec Pack includes very significant improvements in the Windows Media codecs, aimed at enhancing the support of MSB Streaming, generating a GstIndex while demuxing, and improving seeking functions. The MPEG pack has been enhanced as well by increasing video fluidity for MPEG2. Many other fixes and updates have been included, making the Fluendo Codec Pack one of the most efficient and complete solutions to playback audio and video on a wide variety of devices and formats.

Fluendo is developing state of the art solutions to playback photos, videos and music on different operative systems and devices. More news on the availability of further versions of the Codec Pack release 10 and other Fluendo multimedia solutions will be featured on the Fluendo website at If you want to learn more about our business solutions, please visit our webpage for business at

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