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Fluendo co-founds The GNOME Mobile And Embedded Initiative

Fluendo co-founds The GNOME Mobile And Embedded Initiative

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April 19, 2007

Fluendo announces that it is joining the The GNOME Mobile And Embedded Initiative revealed today at the Embedded Linux Conference, Santa Clara, USA.

Fluendo, leader in GNU/Linux and Unix multimedia solutions, announces that it is part of the initial group of companies founding The GNOME Mobile And Embedded Initiative (GMAE). The software stack provided by the GNOME desktop project is seeing rapid adoption in the embedded and mobile markets, often with the aid of Fluendo and other GMAE partner companies.

Fluendo brings to the table its expertise in multimedia development, its intimate knowledge of the popular GStreamer multimedia framework, and its range of commercially licensed codecs available for various embedded platforms.

While based in Spain, Fluendo enjoys a strong relationship with its global customer base working tightly with our partners both remotely and on location in China, Finland, USA, India, China, Taiwan and South Korea. Through these partnerships Fluendo expects to see a wide range of products coming out over the next few years using the GStreamer multimedia framework and other parts of the GMAE stack.

Fluendo has so far offered a range of industry leaders in the mobile and embedded market its services in the form of consulting and development efforts, GStreamer development training sessions and licensing of high performance implementations of major audio and video codecs.

Seeing rapid uptake of the GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative technology stack by embedded industry has been incredible. Fluendo is very happy to be a core part of this effort, in the form of being the primary force behind the GStreamer multimedia framework. We look forward to pushing the whole platform even further in collaboration with our GMAE partners and our customers. , says Fluendo co-founder Pascal Pegaz

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