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Fluendo becomes an MPEG-DASH Licensee

Fluendo becomes an MPEG-DASH Licensee

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Feb. 1, 2017

  • MPEG-DASH becomes the leader in the current adaptive streaming landscape market.
  • This technology enables high quality multimedia playback via Internet.

On its commitment to offering their customers legal multimedia solutions, Spanish company Fluendo has joined the licensing program launched by MPEG LA in November 2016, which will enable the company to offer the MPEG-DASH plug-in to hardware and software manufacturers.

With this program, Fluendo offers its clients the legal implementation of that plugin in their platforms, allowing them to adhere to the international patents. Due to this portfolio expansion, Fluendo was able to close a business deal to collaborate with the Taiwanese-based corporation MStar Semiconductors, specialized in integrated circuit technology.

At the end of 2016, MPEG LA, LLC, world leader in alternative integrated patent licenses, announced the availability of the licensing program for the MPEG-DASH technology (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP).

This technology enables the delivery of multimedia content in multiple qualities depending on the characteristics of the receiving device (equipment power, screen size and resolution), as well as the transmission channel (bandwidth, network congestion).

The MPEG-DASH standard, currently used by services as YouTube or Netflix, presents two main advantages:

  • It is based on the HTTP communication protocol, which is the universal protocol to access web services. This simplifies connectivity and makes reproduction of media content more cost effective.
  • It is widely supported by tech companies who encourage the creation of a universal video streaming standard.

Thanks to these advantages, it is predicted that in the coming years MPEG-DASH will be the standard in web browsers, video players, websites and all devices connected to the Internet.

“In these last years, we have detected an increasing interest for the MPEG-DASH standard, in both manufacturers of hardware/software and creators of multimedia content, due to the success of big video streaming platforms. Our incorporation to the MPEG LA licensing program is a logic and necessary step to continue our leadership in the legal multimedia solutions industry”, said Mercè Delgado, Fluendo’s CEO.

Additionally to the MPEG-DASH standard, Fluendo has on its portfolio adaptive streaming technologies such as Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and has an end-user Video Player (ONEPLAY Player), compatible with the 3 technologies.

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