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Fluendo Attends GStreamer Conference to Present the Time Shifting Element

Fluendo Attends GStreamer Conference to Present the Time Shifting Element

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Oct. 24, 2011

Prague, Czech Republic-October 24, 2011— Fluendo, the leading multimedia software development company and GStreamer expert, will be a speaker at the GStreamer Conference for the second year in a row to talk about Time Shifting with GStreamer.

The Time Shifting Element developed by Fluendo provides home entertainment devices with an improved user experience. This element is intended to give the freedom to seek back in live streams at any time and without the need of previously recording

Being an active part in the development of multimedia software based on open source technologies, and also as one of the most important contributors to GStreamer, the most important open source multimedia framework, Fluendo decided to develop an open source element that soon will be made available for the community.

“With the Time Shifting element, Fluendo offers Home Entertainment Systems an improved user experience. Since GStreamer provides an excellent and powerful framework allowing to make these developments, we have taken the opportunity to talk about this project and participate with the community at this conference held in Prague”, said Julien Moutte, CTO of Fluendo. “We will also be present at the LinuxCon Europe to share about latest open source and Linux trends with some of the most important actors in the tech industry”, she concluded.

Technical staff and Fluendo management will be presenting the Time Shifting element and sharing latest Linux developments at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, from Monday October the 24th until Friday October the 28th.

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