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Fluendo announces public GStreamer plugin repository

Fluendo announces public GStreamer plugin repository

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April 7, 2017

Fluendo releases high-quality multimedia plugin source code to the public.

As part of the ongoing effort to support GStreamer, the GNU/Linux and Unix multimedia framework, Fluendo is releasing the source code for some of their high-quality GStreamer plugins. The first plugin available is a demuxer for the MPEG2 Program Stream and Transport Stream container format.

The Fluendo public source code repository will give developers access to a range of high-quality plugins for the GStreamer multimedia framework under widely accepted open source licences.

The source code of these plugins will be available and will work just like the plugins shipping together with the GStreamer project itself. The main difference is that Fluendo requests copyright assignment for changes submitted by the developer community.

We are happy to make this code available to the wider developer community and hope to encourage other companies working with the Open Source and Free Software developer community to do the same.

Fluendo Business Manager Christian Schaller says.

In the coming months we plan on adding more plugins to this repository and hopefully it will be a useful resource for both developers and users.


The GStreamer framework is the leading multimedia framework on Unix and GNU/Linux systems. It is deployed as part of the GNOME desktop used by vendors such as Red Hat, Novell, Sun and Canonical, and used by server side products such as the Flumotion Streaming Media Server from Fluendo. GStreamer is also being used as the primary multimedia engine on the Nokia 770 internet tablet.

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