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Fluendo announces Multimedia Solutions for Intel Moorestown Platform

Fluendo announces Multimedia Solutions for Intel Moorestown Platform

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Feb. 15, 2010

Fluendo S.A. has announced multimedia solutions for Intel’s next generation handheld and smartphone platform, codenamed “Moorestown”.

Fluendo has optimized its multimedia software to take advantage of hardware acceleration on the platform and worked with Intel to incorporate the GStreamer framework in the linux-based Moblin 2.1 OS for Intel Moorestown based devices. Fluendo employs several of the central developers of the GStreamer multimedia framework, which is quickly establishing itself as the de-facto standard multimedia framework for GNU/Linux and UNIX systems.

“The Intel Moorestown platform is designed to deliver outstanding performance at dramatically lower power while maintaining software compatibility,” said Pankaj Kedia, director of global ecosystem programs in Intel Corporation’s Ultra Mobility Group. “With the support of the GStreamer framework and Fluendo’s multimedia solutions, consumers will be able to bring their media to life on their Moorestown based handhelds and smartphones.”

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