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Fluendo Codec Pack product screenshot

The Fluendo Codec Pack is a tailored solution for enterprise purposes that includes a complete set of GStreamer multimedia plugins. It can be easily embedded in multiple devices (Thin Clients, PC, laptops, set-top boxes...), therefore enhancing the multimedia experience delivered to their users.

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OnePlay product screenshot

The ONEPLAY Suite is focused on end users environments and is composed by 3 solutions: ONEPLAY Codec Pack, ONEPLAY DVD Player and ONEPLAY Player. All are multi-platform solutions which enhance multimedia content playback quality since all support most popular audio and video formats in the market, while being patent-compliant with the following organizations: MPEGLA, Microsoft, Via Licensing, Dolby, Technicolor.

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LongoMatch product screenshot

LongoMatch PRO is a sports video analysis software -based on the GStreamer framework-. It is a powerful, intuitive and customisable tool that allows video analysts and coaches of any team sport to analyse both their own players and the tactics of rival teams.

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